Gun Control



There are already background checks and mental health is part of the background check. So good job showing ignorance of the existing laws.


There’s a troll that hasn’t read the topic is “gun control”.

The dummy doesn’t understand he is barely with one accomplice on this issue. He just wants to shove his NRA check down our throats.

And he barely has a girlfriend and wants us, parents, feel like the kids being massacred in their schools are worth a graphic or a worthless piece from Inforwars, or any white supremacist rack.


Yup, you can’t dispute facts, so it’s personal attacks.




Shot on the back?

I thought he was confronting the police?


maybe he turned at the last minute before the police finished shooting…


They forgot to plant that gun too. :wink:


Time will tell. We all remember “hands up don’t shoot”. That was the start of the fake news on these things.



Looks like Stephon ran because he was on probation. He was committing a crime and ran. His crime didn’t warrant the death penalty, but he jeopardized his life to avoid going back to jail.
Common sense …when a cop with a gun says stop or will shoot, you stop… no if’s ands or buts.
Even if these cops get jail time you are still dead.
He made a stupid lethal mistake.


Don’t know if he was committing a crime yet. Like most of these shootings - no matter the race - it’s best to wait a month or so before getting worked up about it. This could be a terrible mistake, or a justified shooting. What we do know is that it’s too early to tell.

As a side note, our local CBS affiliate broadcast the story about the State and the Feds deciding not to prosecute the cops who shot “Alton Sterling, who was unarmed at the time” - No… that was not the case. Alton Sterling was not brandishing a weapon, but he was armed. A loaded pistol was found at the scene, and an unreleased video from another angle shows him struggling to reach for it. This is yet another example of a media bias, not an accidental misstatement, of fact. That same bias is at play in many of these shootings - from the Right and the Left. It’s hard to wait, but waiting is best in these cases to find out what really happened, and take the appropriate lawful steps thereafter.


The helicopter saw him breaking windows. He was running from police. Resisting arrest is a crime. He was guilty and knew it. Running was a fatal mistake… Even if he was in the right… dead right


Thanks. That’s more info than what we’ve had reported in my neck of the woods (South OC).

Yes. If ordered to stop, you don’t stop. You stop and freeze where you are. Anything less than zero movement on your part is going to turn sour very fast.

Thanks for reading.


I would say some people are so one sided you kind of laugh at their innocence.

There’s this rash to act as a Rambo when it comes to the police applying death sentences for crimes the police won’t show up if you call them here in San Jose. And when they dare to show up, 7+ units arrive, the over time is great, isn’t it?

Those who say “well, he ought, should, could, would have stopped when told to stop” forget that the crime doesn’t warrant the punishment of death. Nobody other than the victim or should I say the killed was in danger. And, it calls for an investigation on how, these cops, being in the dark, with no back up, dared to approach an alleged “criminal”, without knowing anything but somebody running after committing an alleged crime, forgetting that you are innocent until proven guilty.

There were, and still are, more important things the cops should pursue. A broken window, a broken whatever, shouldn’t end up in somebody being killed by them. And, worse, when a cop asks you to show your hands, and you die because the cop under stress, conveniently, sees a gun when there was a phone in your hand. Worse? When such victim is shot, mostly in his back, defeating any defense that he was confronting the authority, something smells fishy here, and that’s the souls of those cops shooting because they are authorized to do, without any liabilities. And that’s proven hundreds of times. Basically, they are ready for the kill. Plain and simple.

By the way, those who think that you need to be armed to defend yourself against those criminals that have them, well dummy, those guns wouldn’t be there if you, or as an FBI agent did, forgot it in his car which was broken in.

And as the famous phrase on the economy, we should use one for guns, “it’s the gun idiot!”.



I would rather have someone try to kill me with a knife than shoot me. At least I can try to defend myself.


Here, again, let’s read the pedantry from the usual Russian bot…

It’s coming to your workplace high techies…are you used to shootings? OK…get ready!

Somebody here will bring data, graphics and statistics to your family after you are shot.


Criminals in CA may get a lot braver.


We were fortunate today. Imagine if the wacked out vegan had a semi automatic rife with bump stock. This clearly is why military grade weapons should be banned, as a preventive measure.