Gun Control


The military uses 9mm hand guns.


Yes, and I just used a knife during dinner…


Knives kill more people that all riffles, assault weapons, and shotguns combined.


As one of our posters eloquently stated, I would take my chances against a madman/woman with a knive vs a military grade weapon any day. We seriously should count our blessings today, we avoided a massacre today. Thank you, Crazy Batch, for not buying a bunch of assault weapons and taking it out on innocent people and ending it with a self inflicted bullet. Rot in hell…



If I’m not mistaken, the California Firearm Application Reporting System (CFARS) could have been checked when the Police found the shooter sleeping in her car. Since she was reported missing and a possible threat to YT by family, at minimum she should have had her profile run against the database. The Police then could have discovered she owned a weapon. If she had a firearm in the car it was likely not locked up correctly - which then meant she could have been arrested and her weapon confiscated.

Yes, I know that the family didn’t know the shooter had a weapon. That doesn’t mean the Police can’t scan the database anyway.

These tools are there for a reason. To not use them in this and other cases is a shame.

Thanks for reading.


We were very, very fortunate this time.


Here is a girl who doesn’t know the basics of gun control…Never point a gun at anybody, always assume it’s loaded…


This is a great victory.

It is established, assault rifles are out of the jurisdiction of the second amendment.

Same as machine guns, which some idiots pro guns forget were banned, and hand grenades, bazookas, and so on, the AR15s should be banned from the hands of civilians. Period!


Again, the right to have a gun or two for protection I really don’t have an issue with, and I would say most fair minded people would go along with that. Just ban the military grade weapons. Unfortunately, pro gunners (just like some of these affordable housing lunatics) aren’t willing to negotiate on anything. They just want it all or the status quo, and of course, what ultimately happens? More people die and then they come with the excuses that more people die by paper cuts, etc…


They abound, they are really cute deflecting on the issue with another BS. :sweat_smile:


Again, when you play with fire you will eventually get burned. Simple as that.


And my best example of all is take motorcycles. Even the best riders will drop their bikes eventually. Think about that. So putting live guns into the hands of babes really (the whole notion about arming teachers) is simply stupid.



I think you may be right, Mr. Seattle, knives are a no-no…


Knives kill more than the AR15 does (multiple times more). You’re way more likely to die from a texting teen than an AR15. Yet people don’t fear the texting teen or the knife.


With bump stock, possibly 9 shots per second from an AR15 though… Someone using a knife might at most hurt or kill one or two before being overwhelmed. An AR15 with bump stock would be pretty much unstoppable. It would be a laser cutting through butter…


These gun nuts losers still defending what is a lost cause?

I rather listen to real heroes, not mumbling jumbling deflecting gun hoes.

"I know I’ve been called Iron Man," Arreaza said, reading the boy’s statement. "And while I’m honored to be called this, I am not. I’m a 15-year-old who’s been shot five times, while Broward Sheriff’s deputies waited outside and decided that they weren’t going to come in the building."


It amazes me anyone from Guatemala can think gun control works given the facts.

Homcide rate of US: 4.88
Homicide rate of Guatemala: 31.21

Guess which country arrests anyone caught with a gun? Guatemala with a population of 16.6M and GDP per capita of $4,100 has an estimated 900,000 illegal guns. These are poor people that can barely afford to eat, and they are able to afford illegal guns. So explain how/why gun control laws would work in the US when people in the US have much higher incomes to purchase illegal guns?


That’s the actual form to buy a gun and info is verified bs FBI database. Notice how almost everything gun control advocates say they want is on the form. Lying on the form is a felony.