Gun Control


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I like big print easy to read. But I don’t like long diatribes. The less said the better


Just for giggles:

2) In the Search Bar type onlyTeacher accused of
3) Under Tools select the “Any time” tab
4) Select “past month

I count well over 20 individual teachers accused of sexual assault (Excluding the occasional drug and or child murder cases. Let’s set those aside for now…) which are more than the number of children and adults murdered at Parkland AND YouTube combined!

Authentic, real time proof that live teachers are a greater threat than inanimate guns. “But, but these kids weren’t killed…” Oh no dear reader they were killed alright. Ask any survivor of this kind of abuse about how they live at present. These surviving victims of teacher abuse are the true walking dead.

Why aren’t we arguing about taking the implied right of a free public education away from people instead of arguing over taking a genuine right to bear arms away from law abiding citizens? These are strange times indeed we are living in.




Anyone remember Sean Simpson, the Parkland teacher who said he’d be willing to arm himself?
Well, according to the Miami Herald - he DID arm himself … and then he left the gun in a public bathroom, where it was picked up AND FIRED by a homeless guy.


Whew that Sean Simpson is a complete moron. Not sure which argument is better served here - the one where guns should not be in the hands of people, that guns don’t kill, that teachers are more dangerous than guns, that good guys with a gun can be trusted. This guy didn’t make a run just for the Trifecta but went on to hit the Quinella.

I hope this person is compelled to give up his concealed carry. Anyone dopey enough to leave a pistol in a restroom does not deserve a CC license. Pistols aren’t feather weight like phones. You know when you’ve left something heavy behind.

Thanks for reading.


Well, remember the lady killed in SF?

An agent for the FBI, I believe, left that gun used to kill her in his car.

I am not against guns per say, but against gun proliferation and the existence of guns-weapons that only should be in the hands of the military.

I am also in support of an insurance for gun carriers.




I doubt NRA banned them. That would be the decision of secret service.

That’s pretty amazing work for a 19 year old. The police union also voted no confidence in the county sheriff and asked the governor to remove him.



“When the Vice President or President is on site that venue is no longer under NRA jurisdiction, it is under the control of the United States Secret Service. …

After the President and Vice President have left the venue NRA rules apply and people will be permitted to carry in accordance with local laws. To be clear the USSS rules are in effect until the President and Vice President leave the venue. This only applies to the exact venue where they will speak and inside that security perimeter. Other NRAAM events taking place in other areas at the same time are not subject to the USSS policy.”

@Roy321 It was a false narrative. Secret service banned guns due to the VP attending. After he leaves, guns are allowed in accordance with local law.


I was literally walking to the Wells Fargo in the middle of this block when they shutdown the street.

Officers responding to report of an armed man in crisis in the 500 block of Terry Av N. Negotiators working to contact the man. Roads in the area will be closed as police work to resolve the situation.

— Seattle Police Dept. (@SeattlePD) June 1, 2018


Ok, another issue heading to a possible Trump stacked Supreme Court…


I would expect the ruling to be upheld by the Supreme Court.


you need to renounce your US citizenship, be an undocumented here in SF.
if you carry all you want and if you shoot someone, since you’re undocumented and in a santuary city, they’ll protect you , no need go jail.


It’s interesting, since I know a guy from AZ. He has a concealed carry permit there. He’s started open carrying while walking his dog due to all the issues with homeless people. He said open carry is legal everywhere, and there are pro 2A groups that’ll fight the legal battle for him. I thought he was nuts, then I saw this.


You don’t need a permit to open carry in AZ. However, even where I am in Gila Co. - which is not a rich county - few people do.
If I could do it here I think the only place I would would be on BART which I almost never use anyhow.


So what do we do now, Mr. Seattle???


How are you going to stop it with laws?