Gun Control


Don’t know, but soon 3D printers will be $99 at Costco and then what???


If police and judges kill all the violent criminals, people don’t need a gun even if you require them to own a gun.

If the criminals are released to roam in the street, a gun at home might be useful to kill the intruders.

I think it’s better to let police kill criminals since death penalty is very hard and legal proceedings is very expensive. Anyone who hurts others violently should be killed by police on the spot, with camera recording to prevent abuses.


What’s the point of making guns illegal then?


Obviously some controls are in order, but this new development pushes the envelope no? My stance has always been the same: military grade weaponry has no place in the civilized world. Now, if you want to buy a handgun for personal safety, I have no problem with that but you better get training for it and you better understand the ramifications if you oh accidentally kill an innocent person on your doorstep delivering takeout…


We’re clear on this, aren’t we? The decision to release 3-D printing plans was a 1A issue - free speech, not a 2A issue - Gun ownership. So… people opposed to the release of these plans now are saying it’s cool to be opposed to the First Amendment? Manufactured outrage gets so confusing over time, doesn’t it?

Here’s a truth on the matter: In the early 1970’s there was “The Anarchist Handbook” a guide on all things dangerously illegal. Remember that huge wave of bombings, poisonings, and other attacks that occurred as a result of this book being released? Neither do I.

The same thing is going on with the current kerfuffle over 3-D Printing Instructions. Will there be a bigly wave of 3-D printed guns? No. Gunsmithing has been legal since the founding of the country and the number of people killed with homemade weapons is practically immeasurable. Did you know it’s still possible to make a gun out of a metal pipe and a hangar (AKA “Zip guns”). Who needs to invest the time, money, computer power, and internet trail of downloading for a gun that might fire once or twice?

This is all about a fresh wave of woefully under-informed people bunching their panties over a free speech issue that appears to them as a gun problem. To them may I say “Hakuna your tatas”

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Do you realize you can’t buy a full auto gun which is what the military uses? You can’t buy a grenade, rocker launcher, or a whole bunch of other things the military uses.

Granted, the military also uses handguns and shotguns. Military grade weaponry is an extremely vague term that can be interpreted many ways. If we take it as any weapon the military issues to soldiers, then all type of guns would be banned. You could ban a bunch of knives too.

You’re literally making up a term and saying you want to ban anything that fits your definition of it without defining it.


To promote more homeownership, we can ban guns for renters and allow guns for homeowners :rofl:

This way responsible people will become homeowners and be eligible to own a gun. Irresponsible people will be denied of gun ownership


Well, tell me then, what pathetic hunter goes hunting with a legal semi automatic rifle?


It is real easy to make gun. We made them in High School. For a .25 calibers zip gun all you need is 1/4” drill. Drill a block of aluminum. The firing pin can be a 1/16” drill bit and the hammer a piece of a hack saw blade.


Well, I think one can still argue that 3D printers make it that much easier though. Literally, plug and play. Your examples from the past still required some mechanical knowledge to produce the final product.


Here is another way. YouTube has dozens
Of different types of homemade guns
The hysteria over 3D is by people that never took metal shop.


All I am saying is that let’s see what obviously happens from now on. You and I don’t in fact know what will happen other than again that 3D printers will be dirt cheap one day.


Point is guns are so cheap and accessible that there isn’t much point in making them.


Yes, to a certain degree, but any lunatic can make a gun potentially in his/her mother’s basement via a printer. Doesn’t scare you one bit?


Any gun that’s not a bolt action where you can only load 1 bullet at a time is a semi automatic. Almost all guns are semi automatic.

If you’ve fired a gun, you’d realize semi automatic isn’t what you think in terms of trying to shoot accurately. Guns recoil and you need time to aim after every shot. You can only fire super fast if you don’t care at all about accuracy.


What happened to bump stocks being made illegal?


No idea. Now you’re pivoting topics though.


No, as you try to make me think what semi’s are, I want to make sure you include bump stocks which made semi’s that much more lethal and thus military grade…


Besides, the day I see a supposedly real hunter use a semi automatic rifle to hunt Bambi is the day I die laughing…


A single shot plastic gun isn’t very scary. But I am against high quantity (more than 5 shots) semi automatic weapons . Hunting laws only allow 5 shot magazines