Gun Control


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See, someone with common sense…


How much media coverage will this get?


Awesome that the girl isn’t facing charges. Women are the fasting growing group of gun owners.


I am very curious whar california laws says on when it is ok to use guns (what is a self defense, if i see someone in the mall terrorizing and i shoot, what would happen, if someone comes to my property and i shoot, what happens etc).


California laws suck. Most DAs would have common sense and elect to not prosecute.


California might even romaticize the shooter and screw the rescuer for damages for life


So glad I’ll be in AZ for good soon.


What would a jury in California decide in a case like this:

It was not easy to watch. If the civilian in this case always felt oppressed by the state, he might genuinely think this is the only way to protect himself. It is the media’s fault then?


It seems that the man started fighting against police when the police wanted to search him for guns. Police were using taser but this man is very strong and the taser has no effect.

Police never used real guns but the man shoot police with real guns.

Is he expected to cooperate when police search him for guns?


Definitely not start fighting. That is dumb.


Obviously, that is not wise.

But if a person had been brainwashed to believe the cops were systemically coming to get them, and execute them, that would be the logical reaction.


There are many other cops. If you kill one on that assumption, you literally justified your execution, even if you were innocent initially. As much as i dont necessarily trust the law enforcement, if they say somrthing you obey. Except when you can reasonably protest without harm done - you can protest to be xray’d, you can protest to not have your id at airport (it is possible to travel without one, i hear), you can protest warrantless search and ask for one and stall them, etc.


I feel guns are definitely equalizers in cases like this where there is a huge disparity in physical strength. I just wish there was some way to stop the mass shootings by the mentally ill people.


If you have to have guns in society, regulate it just like cars. In order to get a gun get a permit by taking a written test and a range test to show that you know how to safely use and operate a weapon. Also be required to carry insurance

I don’t think that’s too much to ask.



You probably need a “rage test” and psychological evaluation too.


UK also has mass surveillance. That was how most of this unfolded.
China is a bad influence to west for this.


The UK also had a huge problem with knife attacks, so they regulated knives. They also have an increasing problem with acid attacks, but the media won’t cover that one much.