Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


This dude suggests selling to lock in profits despite possible monster announcement today.

Well, my wifey is not a shoe girl so I expect her to dole out for this $1K+ phone if it has some bells and whistles…


Apple will become a $1 trillion market-cap company if the stock rises to $193.70

This is going to make history by reaching 1 Trillion Market Cap (before Mar 2018) !


Since you love stocks as well, what is your opinion on the dude’s opinion?


I just read those analysts posting and forget it right away, but never take into head.

I am confident Apple is the first to reach 1 Trillion mark and this may likely happen after thanksgiving and before Mar 2018.

The best way is to analyze by reading balance sheet, quarterly/yearly income statement,company forecast and market reaction.

In stock market, when 2008-2009 real estate like situation happens, be bold to buy. It is a great risk to buy RE in 2008-2009, but rewards are seen long after.

Stocks are exactly like that.


I get it that you love Apple as your favorite “fruit” long term, but does the dude’s idea that the stock will take a correction in the short term ring true with you? Why buy now, when it may be slightly cheaper (assuming dude is correct)? I am not holding you to your opinion…


Our favorite professor still claims Amazon will be the first one to breach the 1T mark. Whether that will come to pass I don’t know, but Apple getting to 1T before next march sounds pretty impossible…

But me and my stock account will be super happy though. No complaint from me. :smile:


The person who wrote that article has the mentality of rich gets richer. He said: if you have held the stock for a long time, keep holding. If you only bought it recently, need to sell and lock in profit. Result: rich gets richer.


Really? He said that? OK, that automatically disqualifies him.


99.9% of journalist opinions need to be disqualified.


Why not sell calls against your position? The market cap is so big Apple is unlikely to quickly make a big move upward. You can just sell calls against your position and generate more yield while getting upside.


That’s a speculator’s job not an investor’s…


Selling covered calls is done frequently by dividend stock investors to enhance passive income.


Very Risky one,tax aspect of it, esp people like you holding since 1998 !

I have done covered call with TSLA once, but that stock jumped $25 single day, forced to sell - any way it was profitable.


I didn’t do covered calls vs AAPL, too lazy :slight_smile: because selection of strike price is crucial and I tend to be too aggressive i.e. too low which mean I would need to roll them often. Actually is easier now since stock is less volatile. Covered calls work very well for low volatility stocks like utilities stocks, just sell 3-6 months away.


So the new iPhone is revealed, seems no different from the previous version, but Apple didn’t dive…


iPhone X!!! :money_mouth_face:


Oops… Apple now dives badly as we speak… :frowning:


I feel like Face ID is just more opportunity for failure compared to finger print ID. I don’t get why they put so much effort into it. Rumor is that software is what pushed back the launch date.


Very, very disappointing. I was expecting really cutting edge features on Iphone 8 to appease the fanatical Asians out there. Guess I will hold onto my 6+ a bit longer…