Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Provide happy endings??? I mean we will no longer need to drive right???


Apple sounds like every other rich guy…To make a small fortune in the movie business first you need a large fortune. …It is all about ego…Apple should stick to its core business


In your view, what is Apple’s core business? Mac? Desktop publishing segment? Creative guys?


Whatever makes the most money…Very few people know how to make movies that make money


That’s microsoft, amazon and google.



I would like to go back and work for Apple for one month and stay in that spaceship. I feel nostalgic…


I wonder what percent work in it?

If open office floor plan is a deal breaker, they might be surprised when they start interviewing places. It’s becoming the norm.


Apple will always have offices for the managers. Open floor plan is for the peon contractors from India (3 people were sharing one cubicle where spaces were tight).


Being a manager without an office is a pain! Some companies are 100% open/cube even at the VP level.


Having a day job where you have to head into the same place and work 8 hours everyday is a PAIN.


Come on, if you cats really appreciate what Apple (stock) has done for you you gotta get this for the mantle… :smile:



They won’t be hating it when they sell their home.


See, something like this (a massive development by a deep pocketed company) would never happen in my neck of the woods and I could care less about the bump in property value. Yes, I can put on the NIMBY cap too…


Friend’s house bought within walking distance in the area in 2009 is up 2.5x

However, his neighbor moved away to a better school district when his older child was of High school age as the High school rating is not good.


Apple shifts Leadership of Siri

Apple was way ahead of everybody when they bought Siri. Under Eddy, is now embarrassingly behind AMZN and GOOG. Hopefully Craig will do a better job. Ignore the official reason for shifting oversight - coverup reason.

Voice is in - buy anything that can benefit from it. Invest in my son’s company - is going to disrupt AMZN!!!
Have bought CRUS and SYNA… who has alternative ideas?

After reading the article, the alignment of responsibilities for Craig and Eddy is better now. Eddy is not a system person, Craig is a much better in system level stuffs.


Tim Cook: “We want to continue to grow in Austin"

Austin has become extremely important to the future of Apple.

Apple, the world’s largest consumer electronics company, now has about 6,000 employees in Austin, making it the company’s second-largest U.S. hub outside of its headquarters in Cupertino, Calif.

Only a little over 50 percent are between customer support and online sales. You have 10 to 15 percent in engineering, 10 to 15 percent in operations. Finance is probably a bit less. We’re going to continue growing here



Yummy… :heart_eyes: