Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


China is irreplaceable…


Xi is abandoning the teaching of DXP and going back the Mao way. Won’t end well. :scream:




manch is brainwashed by anti-China Hong Kong rhetoric.


Stop what you are doing, switch on the TV and watch Apple Event.


Five minutes into the Apple Watch presentation and I almost fell asleep.


Is your company putting the event on big TV in office?


It’s a waste of time to watch it… unless you need to for work…
Just get a recap later. Quicker and more succinct.


Yes, but I was there more for the breakfast burritos.


It’s a religious ritual. :smile: How dare you! :rage:


Did they find out you are carrying a Samsung phone? Look out for the pitchforks!


A few months ago I went to the bathroom and knowingly left my phone in the pantry (since I was planning to return to make some tea) and someone already tried to auction off my phone. Come on it was only there for a minute!


Carrying anything other than an iphone could be career limiting in SF…


I am still not up to speed on the differences between XR and XS. The crazy segmentation under Cook is getting out of hand.



Apple’s chip design expertise is insane.


All for the bargain price of $278M. That was a steal.


It will pay huge dividend in Apple AR glasses. No other tech company can match Apple’s custom chips, much like what’s happening to the watch today. Everybody else has to rely on Qualcomm’s watch chips which haven’t been updated for years. It also doesn’t have nearly as many built-in features as Apple’s. Apple owns the entire smart watch market. It will own the entire AR glasses market too.


FOMO buy back AAPL?


It will crash due to some dumb reasons. Plenty of opportunities.