Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Would be buying the iPhone Xs Gold 64GB :grinning:


No Max? C’mon now.


Also 64GB is tiny. Go big.


I may go for dual sim model before Dec 2018 !


Dual sim available in US?


Apple introducing from this time onwards, it is available in $999 and $1099 model. Apple is working with various providers for this dual sim model.


Other than Harriet, market loves the Apple Event. No sell the event. Instead flirting with ATH.


I checked the price of the new iPhones. Top of the line XS Max 512 GB is over $1400! 256GB is over $1200. Way too expensive.


iPhone X[s] Gold 64GB is only $999 :grinning: Why do you need more than 64GB? Tons of music or photos or videos or undocumented media content? My current iPhone has 64GB, used 28GB only.

WB said is dirt cheap. Less than 1 AMZN.


How come I’m cheap but for you it’s “way too expensive”…


Because you are a Crazy Rich Asian and I am not.


That’s because you don’t love your kids and never take pictures or videos of them? :smile:


Stored them in iCloud :slight_smile: Upgrade your iCloud! to 1TB :rage: Choose let iCloud manage dynamically.


That’s 20 bucks a month?



I subscribed to the 200GB for $2.99 per month.


With iCloud, you also buy minimum storage for your MacBook Pros :slight_smile: Keep documents in iCloud. Double as backup :slight_smile: Easy to change to new Macs or new iPhones, minimum fuss.

Activate family sharing :slight_smile: Then all members of your family can also buy minimum storage Macs/ iPhones :rofl:
iCloud: View and change Family Sharing settings

With Family Sharing, up to six family members can share iTunes Store, iBooks Store, and App Store purchases, an Apple Music family membership, and an iCloud storage plan. Family members can share their locations using Find My Friends and Messages, and help locate each others’ devices with Find My iPhone. Family Sharing also provides useful features to keep your family connected—including a shared photo album, a shared family calendar, and shared reminders.

Note: Family members can choose not to share their purchases. They can also choose to keep their own iCloud storage plan.


Why would anybody buy the iPhone XS? - MarketWatch


Don’t buy the super duper expensive Xs.


Remember all the negative press about iPhone X price? All the hype about how iPhone 8 sales would cannabilize it, and X sales would suck. iPhone had a record ASP thanks to popularity of the X.


Feed the negative press and buy AAPL cheap.


Fair enough since I personally didn’t like how it all went down,but let’s be honest, why is Apple discontinuing such a great phone then?