Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


From pricing, $749, $999, $1099, probably plan for X at $899. Then realize X and X[s] are too look alike, so drop X.


That’s how tech works. They don’t still sell the original iPhone either.


XR is kinda the original X without OLED. I bet most people don’t care for OLED, and the vibrant colors of XR are actually more appealing to them.

So I agree the ASP of the latest crop may be in trouble.

Unless you are from China and buying and showing you have the Max is a great social signal you are rich.


XR doesn’t have GOLD :grin: X and X[s] are very close in terms of spec, and look too alike.


But XR has bigger screen even tho it’s lower resolution. People only care how big the screens are.


Was commenting on this


And negative press keeps coming.


Yes, but 1 year? That is why I was arguing the rollout of separate models 8 and X. It could have easily been just one model, same crazy demand, followed by this week’s rollout and then you could still have that model for sale instead of the scrap heap.


That’s how they usually do it. Other phone makers have even shorter product cycles.


This time is similar to 5. The previous model is usually the cheapest model as in X[s]max, X[s], X. The existence of XR means X is in an odd place as it is not the cheapest and yet look so like X[s].


Apple’s cheaper iPhone XR is going to be a ‘home run,’ Gene Munster says

Gene said a XR home run means ASP > $800 :slight_smile: Buy AAPL.



Not original. Is what people say about iPad and iPhone when iPad was first launched. Also the pad joke. WS thinks iPad would be an epic failure :slight_smile:


Listening to them talk made me (almost) want to buy AAPL again.


just a fun video :slight_smile:


Kuo says Apple Watch Series 4 pre-orders have been “better than expected,” as a result of new innovative functions, such as electrocardiogram support. He predicts Apple Watch shipments will reach 18 million units in 2018, with the Series 4 lineup accounting for 50 to 55 percent of those orders.

In contrast, Kuo says iPhone XS pre-orders are “lower-than-expected,” as customers opt for the iPhone XS Max or wait for the iPhone XR. Kuo has lowered his forecast for iPhone XS orders, believing the model will account for only 10 to 15 percent of shipments of the new 2018 iPhones, down from 15 to 20 percent.

Kuo says iPhone XS Max pre-orders have been in line with expectations, signifying the success of Apple’s high-pricing strategy:

There is strong Chinese demand thanks to the gold casing, dual-SIM, and large display. The XS Max average shipping time is shorter than the 2H17 iPhone X (1–2 weeks vs. 2–3 weeks), which we think is due to supply improvements. We maintain our forecasts that the XS Max will account for 25–30% of 2H18 new iPhone model shipments.


Chinese are the suckers of the world.



Troy :grinning: still haven’t think like WB. WB says iPhone X is cheap for the value.


Bad press is coming. Narratives may soon turn for the worse for AAPL. Watch out. :smiling_imp: