Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Waiting to buy back your shares :rage:


Magic leap’s AR headsets.


Hey, Samsung, throw in a 90" tv and I’ll buy your phone!!!:grinning:


Apple is a luxury brand. By Troy (search his beef with Apple if you’re not aware).

Not impressed with iPhones. By Forbes (by now you should know Forbes is anti-Apple)

How low do you think these usual guys can push AAPL down? Or what is your target price? Time to bet a haidailao dinner :slight_smile: 200-day SMA is around $185, 50-day SMA is around $210… guessed price if it hits.


I don’t think Apple will go below $200. People like big round numbers.


Are we back on the “Amazon will destroy everything” narrative now?


More like WS is hell bent to force market cap of AMZN to above $1T. Many have lost many dim sum lunches :joy:


I wouldn’t have sold AAPL if Steve Jobs was still around. :cry:


You mean, that tyrant of a father…


Yeah he’s an asshole of a father to that poor girl. But he’s also the best product genius of our generation.


I’d probably still work there. Cook is brilliant in his own right, but the 2 are brilliant in very different ways. That and if they hadn’t hired a raging alcoholic to eventually backfill to CFO. She started bringing all her people from Cisco to push out the long-time finance people. I saw 2 directors who were excellent with 10+ years at the company get pushed out. One was able to find another role within the company before her time expired. The other was hired by the operations team he supported 2 weeks after being fired. How bad is that disconnect when your finance boss fires you while the business team you support hires you back? She ended up suddenly retiring which pushed back Oppenheimer’s retirement.


Tell me, would you rather be remembered by your children as wonderful, loving father or an asshole father? Pick one.

See, I don’t buy that he couldn’t have been both…a loving father and a genius.


The genius requires insane working hours to achieve the products he did. He made similar demands of the staff involved. They wouldn’t have achieved those products working 9-5 at a normal pace. I’m sure those same personality traits make someone a crappy parent. It’s not like someone is going to have one personality at work and another at home.

I work with an Eastern European guy like that. One day I asked him if he ever told his kids he was proud of them. He looked at me so confused and said “No, why would I?” I told him kids need to hear that sometimes or they’ll go looking elsewhere for approval. The next week he told me that his daughter did great at her homework, piano, everything. He told he was proud. Her response was, “Do you feel ok?” He thanked me for saying something.


Not that I read what she said about her Dad but my understanding is that it was pretty extreme. Way pass the “oh my father wasn’t around because he had to work long hours” excuse many people use to justify their dad’s behavior.


I didn’t even know that. This year I care the least in all of iPhone’s history.


Now you know why is not wise to listen to Forbes (& related news site) and Troy :wink: Actually I wasn’t expecting queue because it appears that they have ample supplies. The rollout to many countries are very fast.


Apple criticised for making phones ‘too big’ for the average female hand as it announces new iPhone


Too big for me too. I use a SE :slight_smile:


I thought you said you are buying a new one?