Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Unlike houses, how many phones does one person need???:grinning::grinning::grinning:

Admittingly, it may be time to upgrade from 6+ but it is not like I feel I really need to. Maybe the XR will be the sleeper hit and best price point for upgraders like me…


I refer to my family.

The iPhone XS Max does not look very different from the older ones. I think Chinese people now are spoiled by multiple choices of mobile phones.”

Buy the gold color model.


Population keeps growing and developing countries have a growing middle class to buy iPhones. Is there another electronics product that sells more per year?


I like big phones. If the XS Max came out last year I would have gotten it.

Let’s face it, you will never get a new phone unless your old one dies.


The gold color of Xs is very pretty. Holding the iPhone no longer feel slippery. Only visual test. Is my wife’s phone. Now wondering should buy a case or not. Smaller man like me use SE.

Setup is much simplified like Apple Watch. Just take a picture of the old phone using the new phone. Automatically setup the new phone.


Female wants it BIG, they just don’t know it yet.


My impression is that women actually like bigger phones than men. They use both hands anyway since even the smaller ones are too big for them to use one handed. So the bigger the merrier?

The big problem seems to be the lack of pockets on women’s clothing besides jeans. My wife dropped her phones multiple times.


She wears skirt and doesn’t carry a handbag or a purse? In that case, she should buy the new Apple Watch with LTE :slight_smile: Keep the iPhone at home if she is not wearing jean or carry a purse/ handbag.

dioworld meant big, strong and friendly.


They also carry a purse to hold the phone. If you carry a phone in your pocket, then there’s a limit to the phone size.


Besides dropping my wife always loses her phone inside the house. Almost every week I have to ping her phone with mine. Nobody carries a handbag inside the house I think. I never have this problem as I always put mine in my pants pocket.

@hanera there are no pockets on yoga pants. I thought you are a observant person?


Need to show this to my wife.


Buy an :watch:


Ladies and some men use pop sockets… big phone is no problem.


Come on, Ladies and Germs, I realize some of you are shareholders so you need to push the Kool-Aid but seriously as our fav Millennial, @harriet pointed out, you ain’t replacing your phone until it breaks. The advances in phones are minimal at best so no hurry. And honestly, I do not relish the chore of transferring all my contact information and doing a new setup that I comfortable with. Sure, if Verizon gives me a sweet trade-up deal again I will consider it. Now, my wifey’s b-day is coming in November so I did hint I may get her a new one since she is a massive Iphone user. Let’s see how much money I have left after property taxes…


I told you so:


Wow, was not expecting that… damn, my wallet is screwed come wifey b-day gift buying time. Freaking $1,500 for a phone??? Come on!!!


1500 PLUS tax. While you are at it spend 150 more for a pair of AirPods. Before you know it 2 grand for a phone. :smile:


That’s when you all (Apple shareholders) go: “Cha-ching!!!”


For the crazy rich Chinese there’s no upside buying the XS. You can’t tell if it’s the latest model or not. Now if you pull out the humongous Max everyone will know you are rich.


Sell 1 AMZN :slight_smile: or buy 1 less. Done.