Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Now that you understood that. FOMO buy back your sold AAPLs.


Nah. Not excited about Apple yet. Let the negative press work its magic first.


Won’t work if only by Forbes (& its related news site). Need people like Ming-Chi and Loup Ventures to say bad things.

Pretty bullish chart. Healthy pull back is about to end soon or has ended. I doubt it would go below 50-day SMA or the cloud.



Qualcomm saying this at a time when USA is accusing China of stealing IP is paramount to saying even premier US companies are engaging in IP theft :scream:


Remember how Uber stole self driving IP from google?


Also interesting that the next intel CEO could very well be top exec from Qualcomm. The top 3 leading candidates are all from Qualcomm.


Intel didn’t groom successors? Not a good corporate culture.


The last Intel CEO BK, who shares the same initials as the rapist judge, was too busy screwing around.

Seriously, he cut out a lot of old guards and installed a lot of outsiders into top ranks. All the heirs apparent were ousted.


Same as kicking out all the outstanding employees. If they are heir apparent, they are outstanding :slight_smile: No wonder Intel is in such a dire position.


So, why can’t they just render those demo models useless or keep track of them and trace them to the perpetrators or folks who try to start up those phones? See, by not doing something overtly, meaning telling the public that (a) these phones will not work or (b) they have tracking devices on them, you potentially put real customers and employees in those stores at risk for harm. Why???


Avoid Palo Alto, Burlingame and Walnut Creek, many thieves stay in those neighborhoods :smiling_imp:


Unfortunately, just like with the rise in crime in the Sunset, thieves are not going to go break into Bay View. They unfortunately go to where the money is. Hey, smart move, Fearless Leader!!!:grinning::grinning::grinning:


White collar crime pays better.


Huge profit for counterfeit products, online porn, hacking, and social engineering scams.
No only pay better pay but low death risk, probably lower imprisonment risk too.
Most importantly, avoid those 6 neighborhoods mentioned, there are thieves living in and around those neighborhoods.


Have been wondering why Apple Didn’t Try to Disrupt Credit Cards With Apple Pay?

“We don’t sit around and think about, ‘what industry should we disrupt?’—we think about, ‘what great customer experiences can we develop?’”