Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Iphone upgraded long ago. The image was captured using Mojave.


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But the biggest reason, in my view, to like Apple is what could be coming around the corner for the company. Apple is on track to invest more than $14 billion this year in research and development (R&D). It’s pouring an undisclosed but almost certainly significant amount of this R&D money into augmented reality (AR). I think that AR could be a game changer for Apple within a few years.




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Apple’s TV subscription service starts in 2019 to compete with Netflix, Amazon

According to “three people familiar with the company’s plans,” Apple’s subscription service will include original content and will let users sign up for network subscriptions, such as HBO and Showtime, within the same app.

Can some1 tell me the salient difference between TV subscription service and video streaming service such as NFLX and IQ?

it has also been rumored that Apple will restrict the subscription service to Apple devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

If true, presume is only temporary to iron out any bugs.


They are really all the same now. You can watch them on phone, tablet, or tv. TV service requires the Comcast or ATT box. The others just require internet connection.



the macbook pro i got is horrible compare to previous model.
only thing good is the look, trackpad is getting worse, everything you pretty much have to carry a usb dongle, just not user friendly



According to TC in the keynote, SHOP uses Mac Mini as servers :slight_smile: A few hundreds or thousands, no idea, can’t tell from the picture.






Time to watch this closely tomorrow @manch :smiley:


Now that you showed me this lovely chart I won’t buy AAPL until it reaches 150. :smile:


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Copying your 52-week low idea :rofl:


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