Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


This time, market makers wanted AAPL to come down below 1 trillion mark, that is all this down fall makes it tomorrow. Regular hours, there are chances AAPL may revert back. That is the main reason, I bought it after hours down fall two time one at $214 and another at $207.


4th chance is $206.09, so far neither AH, PM and now is lower than that. Miss AH low, may has to buy at higher price.



I took one AAPL $215 option expiry Jan 17, 2010 just at the start of market ! AAPL is coming up and TDOC came up already as both results are better.


Apple revenue is at a new ATH, $266B, top 2015 $234B.

Service & other products continue to grow. Now total 20.6% of annual revenue.


services are the future!


Yes, in fixing obsolete products…


Apple is still worth $1 trillion despite worst stock drop since 2014

By Emily Bary

Published: Nov. 2, 2018, 4:14 pm ET

Shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL) closed down 6.6% on Friday after the company delivered a disappointing December-quarter forecast and announced that it would no longer provide unit-sales figures in its earnings reports. The drop, Apple’s worst single-day percentage fall since January 2014, left the company with a closing market value of just over $1 trillion, based on the 4.83 billion share count it disclosed in its most recent 10-Q filing in July, though Apple will likely disclose a lower share count in its forthcoming 10-Q for the September quarter. Apple’s decision to end unit-sales disclosures sparked debate among Wall Street analysts, and the report prompted price target cuts from Morgan Stanley and BMO Capital Markets, among others. Apple shares have gained 22% over the past 12 months, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI) of which Apple is a component, has risen 7.4%.

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Today low is a hair below recent low, pretty sure Manch didn’t take advantage of it. Looking at the option, best opportunity is short put (Feb $210) for $15 for an annualized return of 30% :shushing_face: not as good as 100% when TSLA is at $250s.


Still waiting for the narratives to change for the worse. Not there yet.


Didn’t you sell all your Aapl earlier? What was that price point? You probably want to buy it back at below that price point.


I’ve conveniently forgotten that already. :smile:


FAANMG roared, Chinese tech tanked.

AAPL shot up, BABA tumbled.

Should be around Sep-Oct 2017 so between $147-$162. Avg $150 :scream:


But didn’t @manch exit Apple completely one time and posted his decision here? I forgot when that was and couldn’t find that post anymore either.


He did but can’t find the post.


I might have deleted that… :smile:




Maybe… :laughing:



iPhone units did peak and are heading lower just like what I expected when I sold. Obviously I didn’t expect it can hike ASP so much. I still think stock will likely head lower as Peak iPhone is finally upon us. Pretty soon iPhone rev will head lower too.


That means little. When was peak PC? How come Msft is at its highest ever?