Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Manch is a newbie investor who happened to get lucky with the boom from last year. He has a long way to go…


Still cheap at $202


Universal unbridled enthusiasm? Smells more trouble to me. :smile:

Before you parrot the line “services is the future”, look at how much Apple make on hardware sales vs how much on services. Also, Apple is anti-ads so it won’t monetize its services thru ads. iMessage is more a sales tool for iPhones than messenger/WhatsApp/wechat are real businesses to Facebook and Tencent.


Buffet will keep buying at $200. Pretty much a floor


For your children’s sake, get some index fund and AAPL, both provide passive income (dividends). As for iMessage, I am disappointed that Apple is not monetizing FB’s WhatsApp/Messenger competitor.


IIRC, Tim Cook said Apple is going to be service industry and stopped give iPhone products sale. This means, they are likely to enter services.

Apple is also monetizing using google search engine for which they get royalty from google. In short, google gets paid for ads and share the royalty to Apple . Here you see…

Btw: I heavily purchased Apple just little above TSLA amount, trying to hold as much as I can. The future income stream from Apple is excellent.

Anyway, this is my last update on Apple.



Both long term and short term charts show strong support at $195-$200. So if you haven’t bought using GTC below $200, you might have to wait for the next buying opportunity (5th chance) or just buy here :slight_smile: It is possible that the Santa Claus rally, today could be the start of that well documented rally, could push AAPL to a new ATH i.e. > $233.


Hmmm, interesting… if this is decent and cool, maybe time to move to the other camp…


Thanks giving sale was over with double bottom (10/11/2018 and 10/24/2018). As expected, stock rally after election certainty.

The next fall is after FED increases (if it does) Dec rate hike as it comes to year-end stock tax loss harvesting period.

Until then, stocks continue to go up (with normal ups and downs).


Time to upgrade your iPhone Yoda; Walmart offers $300 gift card with the latest model:


Upgrade every 4 years for individual, once a year for the family, not my turn, my wife got the XS.

Will we get another chance at below $200 price?


Never say never.


Waiting to buy?


I might swap my stale biotech stock with this. Will see.


Around 200-day SMA, $193-$195.
Stock guru JIL said within 10% is good enough, now is about 3-5% above the possible low, so is ok to scale in now.


52w low is 150. Don’t give in to temptation. :smiling_imp:


That’s why I’m swapping stocks and not putting new money in for this one. It’s replacing my underdog.


Replacing one underdog with another underdog? :smiling_imp:


How are your China stocks doing? The ones you bought back earlier this week? :wink: