Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?



Today is another day to buy AAPL (dipped again) $190.



Is weird the same “reduced ordering of components mean low demand” FUD works every time. Same humans acting on them or different? If same, is that a signal to short?


@jil can stop trying to catch that falling knife now… :dizzy_face:

We Are in Bear Market

Hmmm, caught today too painfully. Whatever I kept for TSLA diverted to STNE. But the amount is reduced very low!


So much for WB stocks🥺
13% drop?


Berkshire != Buffett. His two boys are not as good as the old man.


Correct, but I still have confidence on them.

Those two only got the TEVA which has given results like TSLA.
Similar group (Baba, Softbank, WB) took over Paytm/India which I know exceptional company. Again, those two persons initiated

Buffett would join a star-studded group who have invested in Sharma’s companies, including Masayoshi Son’s SoftBank Group Corp. and Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Ant Financial.

Market reaction: AAPL is also WB stock, came down 20% with Solid results and good forecast.

Value will be attached to the company, but stock price is reaction by the public/market. This Company STNE (IPO) has no history, market reaction is crazy, esp at this time.

Above all, it is Brazil. Until they come up with Results on Nov 26th (Real Black Monday), we do not know how they are.

With big three (Baba, WB, WMT) in 50% stake, the float must be very less, any surprises will spike back.

With the attitude of Come what may, I bought STNE again today at $22 range.


Again? I bought 200 shares, sold 100 for a small profit, left with 100 shares. Now red $200 :hot_face: Overall breakeven.


Be happy, My today STNE loss is more than total worth of all your STNE ! :rofl:


Today was the straw that broke the camel’s back…


Every day we hope next day will be bright ! Unfortunately, it is going deep red every next day !!

Nowadays stock goes down even without Trump Tweet !:rofl:


Today is bad.
Tomorrow will be worse.
The day after tomorrow would be sunshine.


Question to @hanera. Is there any time in the past, Apple revised its estimate/forecast?

Here is the forecast they gave during results time

" Apple said it expects revenue in the December quarter—traditionally Apple’s most important—of between $89 billion and $93 billion. Analysts’ consensus estimate is for revenue at the high end of that range, $92.94 billion according to FactSet, on hopes for strong demand for the $749 iPhone XR, $999 iPhone XS and $1,099 iPhone XS Max that Apple introduced in September. Revenue in the December quarter last year totaled $88.3 billion.

Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri said in an interview that the forecast partly reflects weakness in developing-market economies such as Turkey and Brazil. It also is driven by the fact that Apple introduced its priciest iPhones in September this year, whereas a year ago it began selling the pricier iPhone X in November, fueling growth in that period. Weaker foreign currencies against the dollar are another factor, he said."

With this, apple came down 20%. If they revised/reduce forecast in future, we are done finally. Have they ever revised/reduced in the past? Trusting WB, safe even during downturn, I got into AAPL now. However, media , with repeated negative analysis, is breaking my confidence then and there, holding it strongly.


Since the return of SJ, I didn’t recall any revision to estimate. Initially, Apple UPOD (under promised over delivered) forecasts, causing share price to always rally towards earnings then tumble 5-15% after earnings. So Apple change the reporting to be after OE Friday and give forecasts in a range. This kind of make what will happen to AAPL after earning unpredictable, previously is always down, just long puts :slight_smile: the day before earning to make a killing days is over. AFAIK, nowadays, the result is always within the forecasted range.


Thank you.

With the forecast they have given, The ROIC is above 10% at current price, which is a very rare chance.


The last two deep declines is about 30%, now is about 25%. If 30%, would be around $162.
RSI is indicating oversold. Should have an oversold re-bound soon. Whether it is a DCB or something good, we will see whether it can break above 200-day SMA.



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Another upstart :slight_smile: