Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Cash hoard = $50 per share :joy:
Apple business is value to be worth less than AMZN :slight_smile:


I understand, but when it comes to $140, there will be another RSI & MACD and another support. If AAPL goes to that level , we will have recession side.

If this is the case you mean, I am scared 100% and run away for sometime until next 12 months.


Some cases he puts his person in the board of directors…They become insiders…

Otherwise also they have Access to top management and helping the top management.


So you think a group of socially retarded keyboard boys can run a heavily relationship based outfit?


Have you sold after a death cross and bought after a golden cross…

Your return is worse than the one who blindly DCA purchase after the death cross and stop purchasing after a golden cross… Remember, AAPL pays a 10-15% dividend growth dividend


This forum went from extremely bullish to bearish in a very short time. Fickle bunch. What happens if we get a1987 or 2009 drop?


I agree 100%, this is buy high and sell low.


2009 was bigger, but 1987 was 22.61% down single day and up next day. The current one is so far 9% down from peak. All we need is another 11% down to reach, which may or may not happen.

What are the reasons that market will likely go up, before Dec 31, 2018?


Apple reportedly considered creating a Chromecast-style TV dongle

While it’s not clear if the dongle got past the brainstorming phase, it would make sense for Apple to explore new, cheaper ways to distribute its content.

The content will be available on Apple devices including iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs, but the company will want to reach outside of its existing ecosystem with its streaming content.

With Apple’s intensely focused culture to make an insanely great product that is not a piece of junk, can Apple make a sufficiently low priced dongle? I would expect dongle to be dirt cheap like $20-$25.


If you can hold on to cash and not commit to another thing is ok. Unfortunately, human nature is to spend it :slight_smile:


It’s a curse. The last 1T company didn’t do too well…


Remember the “mega-bear quartet”? How has this “mega-bear” been treating you the last 8 years?



Isn’t XR already the discounted phone?


Just a narrative change. In any case, is why iPhone X is discontinued since it is neither here (cheapest) or there (best spec).

With a good narrative, title of article on TSLA cutting price of cars read like this, Tesla is “absorbing” part of import tariffs to lower Model S and X prices in China

Edited title for good narrative: Apple [reportedly wants to help] discount the iPhone XR in Japan [because it’s not selling well] to drive sales during the holiday season.


Apple Production Cuts Shouldn’t Hurt December Quarter, Loup’s Munster Says Bloomberg TechnologyTV Shows



I am still waiting for the Apple TV set Munster convinced me Apple will make.

What a moron.


Wow, we come full circle now on a few threads… Kavanaugh and Apple finally meet up


Bill Gates is on top again. Unbelievable.


Sorry the bet is AMZN and FB. Look like the old duo is top again.