Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Kids can’t watch sailor moon but I can. :smile:


Not for Verizon (the premier cell phone carrier)…

Besides, my point is why the need for additional credit? Do we see Tesla discounting its cars? No. Even when you might think Elon should with all those production issues…

Come on, we all know Verizon coverage is the best. We are willing to pay for the best. And besides, my company subsidy is for only Verizon and one other carrier (not t-mobile)…


I never watched sailor moon after getting scarred for life when I saw a bunch of overweight teens and young men cosplaying as characters from sailor moon at the fanime convention many years ago


Switch to t-mobile. I am currently paying as much for four lines with 12 gig of data as I used to pay for 1 line and unlimited (grandfathered plan) data on at&t

And you don’t need to pay extra for tethering to boot. Plus free roaming internationally


Wow, so good. I’m still with T, and also being forced out of grandfathered scheme.


My T-Mobile plan has unlimited data. Of course after some unspecified amount of data they will throttle my line. Still unlimited data is very freeing.


Yah they will throttle after whatever data you pay for. We paid for 12G across the 4 lines. 6 on mine and 2 on each of the others


Sprint here, unlimited talk/text/data (in Canada/Mexico too except for data, where you only get 5GB).


Tesla runs promotions every quarter end. Last quarter end they had incentives (free supercharging for purchasing AWD and Perf model 3s) etc


In FAANG rating, AAPL is in top position, NFLX is bottom place by all means.

AAPL dividend payer, higher sales, higher profit margin, lower P/E (14.90), dropped 22.50 from peak now.

NFLX No-dividend payer, lower profit margin, Higher P/E (99.47), dropped 33.21 from peak now.

AAPL price recovery will be faster than NFLX.

All discounts and pricing/sales are marketing gimmick which does not matter to investor as long as they maintain revenue and profit margin.

Our ROIC is important for every investor that we can get better with AAPL at current price.
The next one is AMZN, GOOGL, FB in that order.


I think you didn’t go to school. F comes before G. So should be AAFGN.


Sprint? Weirdo… :roll_eyes:


If coverage is bad and your phone has no signal during an emergency, what’s the use of a T-mobile or Sprint?


Coverage for T-Mobile is good.


Version is the best. ATT is second. T-Mobile is decent in 4G, but really poor in 3G.

Sprint is a big no no


What matters is the area around you. I have never had problem with T-Mobile in my area. Who cares if Verizon is better in Alabama or other places I never go?


I use T-Mobile too but my reception is only a bar or two at home. But internationally,
It is awesome since I get free data and unlimited text.


Got T mobile a year ago. Works poorly near my house. So when power goes out I have no internet or phone. But good every else.



Apple faces massive risk, and it’s not about iPhone demand or tariffs

If the Supreme Court allows the case to move forward, and Apple loses at trial, it could be a punishing blow. App Store sales are estimated to account for about 37% of the company’s projected total annual services revenue of $46 billion in fiscal year 2019, according to a November 26 analyst’s report from Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Under a scenario where App Store commissions drop just 5% from the current rate of 30%, the analysts predict a 17% drop in App Store revenue, or a loss of $2.8 billion.


Manch is not satisfied with 25% decline, he wants to be like 2013 and 2015, 32% drop :rage: