Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


I am just an objective observer. :smile:


He wants both Aapl and Tsla to be bankrupt whereas Amzn and Fb shooting to the moon.


No, I just want Tesla to be bankrupt. :smile:


Then why don’t you short the stock with all your money on the line :slight_smile:




Irrational hatred. :smile:


Do you know that Tesla took over Nummi plant just $42M when it closed down with 4700 lay off, peak RE downturn, which is worth appx 2Bln (somewhere I read) now?

Calculate the property tax savings by Prop 13, all goes to share holders…!

Tesla acquired NUMMI for a fire-sale price after GM’s bankruptcy: $42 million. An auto factory can cost over a billion dollars to construct new — something Tesla needs to keep in mind as it marches towards Musk’s even more bold goal of a million vehicles annually by 2020”.


Since this is very old news, that could only have benefited long term Tsla shareholders… :rofl:


$42m is just like the penalty he gave!

Calculate the property tax savings by Prop 13, all goes to share holders even now …! IIRC, ca gov negotiated further and valuing property at $400 min level for property tax purposes. Still it is saving compared to billions worth.

It is exactly like buying BA RE for 42mln which has more than 50x worth now.

Actual value won’t be in book value too, but owners are shareholders!


Dean says buy.


Ignore him. He doesn’t know a thing.


Let me make a rare forecast. Don’t tell any1 outside the forum. AAPL would pass $300 sometime next year.


Also, Tsla will pass $1000 next year. Don’t tell anyone besides yourself… :rofl:


After it goes down to $100? :scream:


So you can buy at $100 and get that 200% increase in less than a year??? :rofl:


There are tons of good bargains out there, if Trump doesn’t screw us too badly. That’s a huge if though.


Gates strikes back.


Also apple is only 21B ahead of amazon. :smiling_imp:


I thought Amzn is supposed to be a trillion dollar company, how come it dropped so much? Better sell all of it and buy Tsla instead.


I do not know whether you bought AAPL. IMO, this is in best range now.

I have been owning Apple in small amounts previously, but this time I took good amount of shares (just above TSLA amount) to hold longer term to get dividends.

If you have noticed the stocks like TEVA, STNE, All WB bought companies, depressed with negative hypes, but produced results beyond expectation, spiked like TSLA.

The same way, AAPL will spike after results. That is the beauty of Warren Buffet’s Value investing. He is too smart at this age to identify the stable and clear winner. If economy goes up (with ups and downs) next 2 years with low unemployment rate, AAPL will easily touch $300.

It is not that we are promoting AAPL, as we all 3 own considerable amount of shares and will reap huge benefits when Apple declare results. Whether you or any one in this forum buy, it does not in any way help us as value is already established with AAPL.

People will be permanently losing an opportunity, to buy the AAPL stock at this low price when AAPL meets or surprise above the expected range, like the same way many left TSLA once for all.

Forum members do your own research and get benefited.

Here is my estimate based on Tim Cook Forecast (Green rectangle).