Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


He is right, in fact voting for people to buy now which is what WQJ, Me and hanera is pointing out.


Tengler, who owns shares of both Apple and Microsoft, said she’s closer to selling Microsoft and buying Apple right now. “This is an interesting time to be adding.”

“We have to get used to the recalibration of iPhone flat sales, no transparency, what’s the next big thing,” she said. “We’re going to find it’s services and something we haven’t thought of yet. Look at the Apple Watch, it’s just kind of been a stealth outperformer.”


Title itself wrong, Apple has better fundamentals than MSFT. The current price is extremely attractive with strong fundamentals.


She is referring to the industry space, "Clearly the fundamentals are better for Microsoft in terms of which space they’re in — the cloud space”. She is not talking about valuation or financial metrics :slight_smile:




“Over 1 billion iPhone users worldwide offer great potential growth opportunities for AirPods,” Kuo said. “We believe that there is a greater likelihood of legacy iPhone users buying AirPods than upgrading to new iPhone models.”

Doesn’t sound very bullish.


You find negativity in any news as long as AAPL is involved… :thinking:


Just being objective. :wink:


He’s missing the point. You hold on to Apple to collect those fat dividends. You don’t expect its price to go up substantially against the broader market. For that you have Tsla.


Jil quoted an anti-Apple NYP. There are better ones,


Apple Music is coming to Echo devices next month

Amazon Echo users rejoice: Apple Music now available on Alexa-powered speakers


He graduated from UCLA too.

Exactly. At least Jil get it. I think Teri held AAPL for dividends too. During volatile environment or slowdown, the dividends provide the much need CASH !


Yes dividend was the reason why I used it to replace my stale biotech stock.

So much hate for AAPL yet they still use iPhones. Kinda warped don’t you think :thinking:


Not warped if you think more about it. :wink:


Okay I’ll put on the Bruins hat - why offer 10% discount to veterans when sales are skyrocketing? Smells trouble I tell ya:


They don’t publicize it, but students get 10% off Macs. I’m sure the number of people that qualify for student discount dwarfs the number that quality for military discount.


As of Monday’s close, Apple took the lead with a market cap of $877 billion. Amazon followed at $866 billion, then Microsoft with $860 billion.


Yes I know about the 10% student discount :slight_smile:


Why only college students though? Apple is mean. :rage:


Better buy through adorama/b&h etc… @10% instant discount(Bay Area residents) because no taxes + prices are generally lower than apple store.