Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


This is well-documented :slight_smile: Thought you know, thought was educating manch :slight_smile:
Hope you are also aware of the triple expiry (can’t remember the actual name).


I have always seen last week of Dec fire sale - thought of tax loss harvesting, but never heard hedge funds profitability bonus linked - but makes sense, they do not hesitate to kill the bird (gold egg geese) to get the bonus :rofl:


Ironically is ok. After getting the bonus, with the share prices much depressed, they can load up for the new year and voila! big bonus again :slight_smile:


Triple witching



Today’s fair and balanced reporting. :smile:


I did not have so much money left, seeing AAPL at low 170, I just bought 40 shares and few $200 options.

Caution : Every time I am fully invested, market goes deep down - nowadays, I started enjoying deep reds !!! :joy::joy::joy:


AAPL and FB appear to be stabilizing. I think China will agree with most of Trump demand because China economy could be damaged for decades if the tariff war prolongs too long. For USA, just a recession. Imports more from USA doesn’t really hurt China much as China can re-export excesses.


China importing more is not an issue. China needs those stuff anyway, whether from USA or from Brazil etc. Doesn’t matter one bit.

China can even open the market more and accept more IP protection, Those are also beneficial to China. They are long overdue.

The core difficulty is China’s industrial policy and tech embargo. US has no right to boss China on those fronts and I don’t think China will back off on those core interests.


AAPL seems to be having low $170 almost.

Regarding China, what ever I hear from Bloomberg (may be biased) it is not good, they say China is going to have manufacturing sector recession. I knew car demands reduced, oil demand is reduced.

When China is recessionary phase, reduced demand, how will they buy more from USA? All they can agree is intellectual property rights, patent agreements and few concessions towards USA.

Since US also made net positive exporter of oil and China oil demand is reduced, OPEC struggling with oil price declines.

Eventually, both countries will be in recession after an year. FED halting rate hike may move out recession possibility so that yield curve inversion is stopped.

All I understand is next six months, after January may be a good time - hoping that holding all my portfolio !


Those are started by Obama admin :grinning:


Obama maybe was a 3, and Trump dialed it all up to 11.

Obama also didn’t take any female hostage.




How reliable this story is?

This guy is creating a sensational story producing some (IMO, fake evidence) in reddit.

edentel (u/edentel) - Reddit has created one and only one post.

Seems he has created uid and wrote one sensational post, just like a spammer.

Decide the genuity of the issue and the author ! :joy:


The Promising Business That Could Pull Apple Out of its Tailspin


What kind of tailspin is Apple in? Company is doing great.


Hmmmm, now I see apple is struggling to meet the revenue, all out sales $300 discount. Even with $699 sale, they have almost 70% profit (without deducting overhead).

Add a trade-in
For a limited time, get iPhone XR from $449 or iPhone XS from $699 when you trade in your iPhone.


Your link didn’t display anything. This article, Apple Resorts to Promo Deals, Trade-Ins to Boost iPhone Sales, said more. Btw, are you saying above is not already accounted for in the guidance? If it is, shouldn’t have any issue meeting the min revenue. So far, Apple hasn’t miss any guidance yet, always within the range guided.


If Huawei CFO has to spend Chinese New Year in jail, expect widespread boycott of apple in China.

50% drop in apple’s China sales. AAPL all the way to $100! :scream: