Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, with net worth of over 9B, flies coach like a normal human being. No wonder apple is going to hell these days. It has completely gone soft.

Sell your AAPL stocks now. :scream:


hanera or wqj may not like this, but here is the consensus of what people think about AAPL. Copied from reddit.


Post the picture of your second wife here. Thanks.

Founders can do this for PR stance. Employees even CEOs would spend company $ like water.

To master the buy n hold mentality, you have to ignore the ridicule of such short-sighted momentum traders’ comments. What you have posted is pretty mild, go to Yahoo!Finance for more nasty comments. These type of comments always appear when any stocks, not just AAPL, is in a down trend. Btw, we need more of such shorts :slight_smile: short squeeze juice taste yummy :nerd_face:


Apple will be range bound for 2 or 3 years. No hurry.

Many TV manufacturers have integrated Siri into their products. Looks like the Apple video service will be available soon. We will see how good its service is out of the protective moats of Apple hardware.

Video streaming is hyper competitive. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Roku, cable and wireless operators, Disney, everybody is angling for a piece. Let’s see how Apple does.


Take so f… long. Still don’t understand why TC trusts Eddie so much. Apple Music also take so f… long.
I have lost faith in Eddie. Now betting on Jeff (not the bald and big-small eye guy), his healthcare initiative :slight_smile: I have always don’t like Eddie’s canary nose.


Jeff lost his marriage and his soul dealing with Hollywood. I just assume Eddie has a few girlfriends of his own. Maybe too busy having too much sex?



I bought Aapl at less than $10. I’m happy no matter what people say about Apple.


For you and hanera, AAPL is frozen, no need to look at any thing, except getting $2.92/share dividend every year.


That would bad. Is 10-15% annual increase announced in Apr earnings effective in May. So from May is $3.21-$3.36 :grinning:


RBC said the stock is still undervalued given its more than $126 billion in net cash, giving it a base case of $185 per share.

AAPL overshot to the downside


I say go and buy something that makes money or complements/enhances your company, instead of concentrating on freaking lousy phones!!! Who cares about phones anymore? Expand the cutting edge! Do something new! Invest the pile of money!!!


It just struck me Lululemon is the Apple of fashion. Yelp is full of praise for its customer service, and they are able to sell stuff at outrageous prices. Look at this $68 T-shirt:

Maybe Apple should buy Lulu and put some chips and sensors into their pants.


Lousy comparison. Value of the T-shirt is not $68, is only a few dollars. Value of iPhone is more than the selling price, don’t believe, ask WB. Replace LULU with any apparel brand, same logic.


If AAPL buys LULU I’m selling.


Sell AAPL or sell LULU?


Sell AAPL. I don’t believe in LULU’s premium.


Good. Really surprise that manch didn’t understand the meaning of value. Comparing a business selling an iPhone worth tens of thousand for about $1k with a business selling a few dollar worth of apparel for $68. Manch needs to go back to school.


Value is best judged by customers. Are iPhones really worth 1.5k? To xiaomi or Huawei customers clearly no. Is Lulu T shirts really worth $68? You need to ask people who bought them.

Lulu stocks up 5% today.

Tim Cook won’t buy Lulu. He doesn’t have the product vision. That’s why AAPL will be stuck for the next 2 years. :smiling_imp:


Tagged. If AAPL is above $150 on Jan 14, 2021, you’re wrong :nerd_face:

No, Apple’s licensing of iTunes & AirPlay 2 isn’t a ‘strategy reversal’ in any way

A primary reason why Apple —a fantastically more profitable company than Microsoft —has such a low comparative stock valuation this winter is a series of incorrect stories—many from the Wall Street Journal —about China and the iPhone XR failing Apple as unsalable albeit also being its popular first-place iPhone sales leader, over the last two quarters where Apple has actually been delivering massive growth in Services that just weeks ago propelled the company to the world’s first trillion dollar valuation.

While the Wall Street Journal is portraying Apple’s new iTunes and AirPlay 2 partnerships as a white flag of defeat for Apple’s own hardware, the reality is that it is actually an endorsement of Apple’s protocols being important enough for major television makers to support, because far more affluent TV buyers own iPhones than Samsung Galaxy devices, and because both Samsung and the larger industry’s various efforts to copy AirPlay have failed to work out.

Should start ignoring WSJ, probably staffed with journalists from UCLA and minnesota