Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?



1T next week?


Can’t wait… :laughing:



Perhaps obvious…but again why the 8 is soooo yesterday.


Of course… all phones cost only a few bucks to make… the rest is all hype


Right, but if the marketing geniuses were as good as Mr. Austin said they are, it probably would have almost made sense to not even do an 8 model and just go straight to the X. Never dilute the drug!!!


No need to criticize. Stock is at all time high. Case rested.



What about me??? Ok, ok, one nuclear warhead for a (gasp) Iphone 8…



Uh, kinda soon, no???


Why Apple Is Worth $300; What Warren Buffett Sees In It

All these are the best not because of branding. They are the best because the technologies that go into them are cutting-edge and support one another.

When the X is released, AAPL will not quite have obsoleted the iPhone 8 series, but I think it will have come close to already making the iPhone 7 yesterday’s story. This is a wonderful story of technology in the service of great consumer products.



In other words, AAPL goes higher.


AAPL investors are seasoned, FUDs won’t work anymore. Only novices to Apple think is big deal. From memory, every iPhone release has a FUD, SomethingGate… guess, this one is DisplayGate :slight_smile: Frankly, I love the AntennaGate where SJ said you hold it the wrong way :rofl: Guess TC doesn’t have the personality to say that… merely use technicals to explain instead. Wonder what SJ might say, some iPhones have special personality?


Maybe you don’t need to borrow against your 401k now for your fix…


Wow, X is old news already…




Gee, Apple, you might want to fix this before thinking about Iphone 18…