Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


What other brand"s"? What other choice do you have besides Samsung if not Apple?


Google. Motorola


Why not Blackberry??? Or was it Blueberry???.. :rofl:


I am still trying to decide what my next phone will be but I am leaning towards Samsung S8 Plus. The other contenders are Samsung Note 8, Google Pixel 2 XL, or LG V30. I like LG V30’s size but the camera is not as good as the others.


Huawei obvious changed their game. Even in hk this week. I see more and more huawei. The mate series ppl are giving very good feedback . i heard the bosses now use huawei and little poor working class bastard use iphone now.


Hey, hey, hey, what did I ever do to you???:slight_smile:


Not to me man. Just the image changed in china/hk. I was suprise in short couple months there’s so much cchange


That’s good! There are 100 poor working class bastards to the ratio of one boss. So Apple phone revenue should be 100x that of huawei… all the more reason to invest in Apple! :rofl:


I suppose it was inevitable that HKers or CHINAers would be more supportive of homeland or Asian brands for not only the patriotic reasons but perhaps sadly performance reasons. Are Levi jeans still valued highly, or is that Eastern Europe???


Waren Buffett is a buy and hold (hopefully) forever value investor.
George Soros is a trader.
As I have indicated about 2-3 weeks ago, traders might want to sell the news (assuming you have bought the rumor/ events leading to the release of iPhone 8/X)… normal WS behavior. Investors like WB ignore such noises and he often takes advantages of any unreasonable selloff. WB doesn’t care about quarter by quarter nor product by product… looking at many years ahead.


You’re calling out others for not being patriotic for what phone they buy. Weren’t you born there and you decided to leave?


Unfortunately asian are that even they’re poor they will want to act dress like they’re rich and boss. Haha


No. He is an ABK. Born in America but has a Korean mind. That’s why he supports Samsung… :rofl:


Huh, you talking to me, Mr Fab 7x7??? Born and raised in SF baby!!!


I don’t think he supports Samsung (neither do I), but we are fed up with the design of the latest iPhones. I have the whole Apple ecosystem (Mac, Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple watch, and AirPods) and even so I am going to switch…


Then 1000x should stick with Apple.

Apple = hip American
Huawei = country bumpkin Chinese turned rich overnight

Which image do you want to be associated with??? :rofl:


Do as you please, but I’m sure you will be twice disappointed after you switched…


Majority of americans are poor. Can’t even come up with 500 bucks emergency fund. And racist, love drugs, loves to fight. Hmm… no really like that image . american image has constantly in decline in last 8 to 10 years. It’s just asian ppl travel a lot lot more and news covers way more bad stuff going on in the states


We will see. Never know until you try :slight_smile:


If the majority of Americans are poor and can’t come up with 500 bucks, then the majority of Chinese are poorer and can’t come up with 50 bucks. And they are more racist and love drugs even more.