Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


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Um… do mind the carcinogens… :rofl:


Not as much as your San Tung chicken wings!


Dude, I hate to ruin your day but yes, even you, will perish from this Earth one day… I know, hard to digest…



Since I don’t have any friends in China and HK, but based on what I have read…
Use to be Xiaomi is the hot iPhone replacement, then I think is Oppo (not sure, too lazy to search the web to verify) and now is Huawei.
Having said that, since Xi hints to his comrades not to showoff their wealth, sales of Apple products not just iPhones in China has been declining (too lazy to check when did Xi made that remark). However, surprisingly last quarter, sale increased… could be a blip… we’ll know next quarter.


Um… yes but then if you get to live 30 years longer than you otherwise would, then make the necessary sacrifice… :wink:


Also, China is important but not that important. Apple can survive and thrive even without China.


I will go to my standard reply once again: moderation in all that you do


Ok yes, good moderation would be that you get to eat Korean BBQ no more than once per year… :rofl:



Would be worried if years ahead :wink:
The biggest switch to Samsung is when it came up with a bigger screen while Apple has to wait for the yield to catch up for their volume. Wonder your behavior is within the norm switching or a part of the “big” switch… we’ll know next quarter… if very bad… know earlier.


Speaking of which, are you planning a holiday dinner at Fresh Choice then??? I doubt it…


By then Apple would be gone if its technology is that far behind.


Months ahead has no meaning because many of those jokers rush their development upon catching wind of what Apple is about to release. With a lower spec and volume, they can rush the development and be ahead of Apple in releasing features. Also, worry if Apple doesn’t have the same features because it means they no longer interested in following iPhone.


I’m giving you a cue to unload…if it tanks next year I expect a shark fin dinner :stuck_out_tongue:


I have held through over 90% tank in AAPL share price… how low are you expecting? Not easy to earn a shark fin dinner from me :rofl: I’m a follower of Philip Fisher’s investment philosophy. I love his book, “Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits”.


Then your loyalties should be with America :slight_smile:


Come on, doesn’t Apple hide a ton of dough overseas when it could be plowing that money in this country to make America great again??? Again, aren’t Apple products made in China??? Apple is as Chinese as a Mao Jacket…


Um… at least it’s headquartered in America. What about Samsung?


Holiday dinner is a healthy meal at home, not an overdosed meal at your local Korean BBQ place…