Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


The profit was earned in those other countries. Why should they bring it back? The US is the only developed country that’d tax that money if it’s brought back. People love to rant about US corporate tax loopholes. This is one where the US literally taxes corporations for something that no other developed country does. What would Apple do with that money in the US anyway? They’re already paying a dividend, buying back stock, paying employees well, etc. Do people realize how many R&D, supply chain, and other corporate jobs in the US are due to Apple’s sales outside the US? They are getting a majority of their sales outside the US. Imagine if they didn’t have those sales and had to cut their HQ staff in half.


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Make America Great Again is Trump vision, but Make Apple Great Again is Tim’s Vision. There is a conflict of Interest. When corp tax is getting reduced, the conflict goes away, then both join together !


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Anyone new and interested in investing in AAPL, this site gives a very good summary.


Do you need another AI chip company to invest in when you’re already in Apple?

‘Silicon Is Unforgiving’

The implications for the current A11 Bionic are interesting. Apple began planning the chip roughly three years ago. Fairly early in the planning stage, Apple’s hardware and OS teams had to have realized that they wanted to implement machine learning and inference algorithms locally on the mobile device, rather than in the cloud.

In 2014 or 2015, no one was doing that, or even talking about doing it. Conventional wisdom was that it had to be done in the cloud. Those hardware and OS teams had to have realized that special purpose hardware was needed to make that work, which would need to be provisioned early in the SOC design process. This became the Apple Neural Engine inside the A11.

Whew! Makes you wonder what they’re planning for 2020, doesn’t it?


Sorry, @harriet, Samsung is not #1


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All I said was I think Samsung’s latest phone is better than the latest iPhone. I am by no means a Samsung fan. If I like the brand so much I would not have used Apple for so long. Let’s be objective here instead of blindly following brands.


Samsung still leads in smart phone market.



Amazing that Apple is ~15% market share of phones but over 90% of the profits.


Smartphones are at the top of the S curve. Incremental improvement YoY is getting smaller and smaller. What exactly are the big deals about iPhone X? Edge to edge display? OLED? FaceID? These are all improvements, but pretty small.

Huawei/OPPP/ViVo will continue to eat into Samsung and Apple’s shares. They already dominate the Chinese market, and they are starting to dominate the Indian market too. I think they will just eat the entire developing markets and start to show up in the First World. Will you pay $500 more just so you can unlock your phone with your face? Some will. Many won’t.