Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Quality still matters. Even in a poor country like China, people still willing to pay top dollars for better brands. Apple can also make a cheap phone if it feels pushed by the Chinese knockoffs. It’s not doing it because there isn’t a need to.


Huawei’s price is low, but it’s not a cheap phone. It works just fine, at a fraction of an iPhone’s price. Sure, iPhone is better, but not 4x or 5x better.

Honda Civic is a great car. Mercedes is better. Do we all drive Mercedes? I like my Honda just fine.


There is a market for Honda and another one for Mercedes. It’s not appropriate to say that Honda will eat away Mercede’s market share because it is much cheaper.


How come the title and the table are not consistent? Table indicates Apple up 0.8%, Samsung goes sideways.


They did eat Apple’s share in the last 2 years in China. Maybe this year will be different with the X. Apple is not entirely a fashion brand like LV bags. It’s first and foremost a tech company. Part of its allure is that it’s technologically more advanced than competition. The tech delta between Apple and the rest is shrinking because we are at the top of the S curve.


Are there generally accepted measures to classify whether a feature is considered a “pretty small” improvement or something bigger? What are you expecting or consider as a BIG improvement?


You still missed the point… it’s not the tech but the quality. The tech for a Honda and a Mercedes is the same. However, Mercedes has better quality.

Also, it is expected that local brands should excel at its own turf. You don’t see South Koreans owning iPhones. I wouldn’t worry about Chinese owning Chinese brands either.


TouchID is a big improvement. LTE is a big improvement. The performance jump in earlier iPhone generations are huge too. Now you barely feel it.

Tim Cook clearly worries about it. Otherwise he wouldn’t go to China that often. I don’t see him in Russia or Brazil all that often. China and India are growth markets for Apple. If iPhone shipment stops growing its stock price will tank. Stock is all about growth.


He is selling iPhones to a different Chinese demographic than the Chinese brands. China is a big enough market to allow for both Apple and the knockoffs. Also, Apple does not need its iPhone shipments to grow to prevent its stock tanking. You can see from the chart above that their shipment is stagnant between last year and this year.


There is marked difference, in performance, between iphone 8 and iphone 6. Both CPU speed and Memory is improved a lot.

With iphone 8 and X plus, my friends and I are directly using iphone as if our computer, email, stock trading, money transfer, online buying (amazon or ebay)…etc. I will not go back to iphone 6 as that is very slow.


Apple’s Lengthening iPhone Cycle Headwind Bulk of the installed base owned phones between 1-3 years. So the bulk of the upgraders are owning 6/6+ and 6S/6S+. They should feel the performance increase :grin:



God, taking a page from Elon’s playbook???



Hey, Samsung, bring this program to the States!!!


That’s going to get interesting. Apple has “fired” other suppliers for that violation. It can’t just fire Foxconn though. There’s literally not enough production capacity in the world to replace them.


Actually, I was listening on the radio and one commentators was saying that the new IPhone requires a powerful battery, and that caused the problem for Samsung.

Let’s wait and see.


I just switched this past weekend, so far so good. Best Buy has a great Black Friday deal going on right now so you better take advantage of it while it still stands!


OMG, you did the unthinkable???


Yes I actually meant what I said…my boss’ boss even came up to me and asked why I did what I did because he was curious to know my thought process.

Just do it, it’s time to show your true dragon colors, don’t be wishy washy. If it goes south later then at least you gave it a chance.


I think I am going to wait for the X… no, this one…