Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Good to receive money from people using all possible channels.
I’m not fussy about the channel, so long I receive money is good.


Why such hatred? If Apple doesn’t force things down your throat then Samsung will. Might as well be Apple because at least you can say you are patriotic and support home grown brands… :wink:


Old iPhones slow down with iOS updates, study finds

Sensational headline to get clicks. No doubt with the statement. But the question is how much? 1% slower? 2%? 3%?

I have original iPad from 2010 and still use it today. I have iPhone 4S from 2011 that I still use as mp3 player. Both are definitely slower compared to latest devices, but the delay is not extreme. Both are still very usable, and are pleasure to use (compared to newer Samsung phones and Amazon Fire tablet that I have).

I had Samsung S5 that was <1 year after it’s release, and it was POS that I hated using it daily. Apps took 15-30 seconds to open. And Android devices are basically stand-alone units. There are no backup, no integration, no syncing. Apple has an ecosystem or integrated system. Photos, notes, contacts, backup syncs seemlessly among all device.

That is why I hate companies like Apple, always trying to force things down your throat.

I think Apple is way better than others. When I bought Dell or HP PC, I got tons (at least 10-20) of bloatware or promotional software; Mac is 0. On iOS, I find only couple apps that I feel is is unnecessary and cannot be deleted (like Newsstand on older iOS). On Samsung, I get crap from Samsung, carrier, Google, and 3rd party that cannot be deleted (examples are AT&T browser, Flipboard, NFL Mobile, Amazon, Google Hangouts, and list goes on).


Anyone used Huawei phones?


More of the same…


IDC: Watches will dominate wearables market in 2021 Apple watch created the smart watch market.



No new info. I recall Apple has given that explanation long long long time ago. The use of the word, “just”, is incorrect.


In general, lithium-ion batteries last 2-3 years. That is, devices that use lithium batteries would behave unpredictably after 3 years if the original battery is not replaced. iPhone 6/6s are 2-3 years old so would begin to exhibit weird behavior. Apple is trying to extend the useful life of the iPhones without the need to replace the lithium battery. The mistake Apple makes is to assume everybody know about lithium battery.

How lithium-ion batteries work

IMPORTANT: Remember to charge your iPhone/ any devices that use lithium-ion battery regularly and not let the battery drains all the way to zero!


Battery gate!!


Just give me macs running on A series chips!!


Here comes the suits and brief cases…



"CEVA’s current quarter likely ends either in late December or early January "

They really can’t determine the end date of a company’s quarter? That is public info.

"Our guidance for the fourth quarter of 2017 is as follows. Revenue for the fourth quarter is expected to be in the range of $20.5 million to $21.5 million. "

That’s from their earnings call. That’d make Q4 revenue lower than Q3. How would revenue decline Qtr-Qtr? The iPhone was barely shipping in Q3 and will probably do 100M units in Q4.


iPhone 6 users are pissed of… Glad I have the 7 plus


Definition of a skipped generation: see Iphone 8

(yes, they are selling… anything sells when they are practically giving them away)


More like lawyers trying to make a killing. Finally, a gate for them to feast.

Buy CEVA? Doesn’t look that expensive.


Battle of the titans…



When such analysts predicts just to make sensational news, stock value goes down which is an opportunity for us. When real results come out, AAPL go up positive.