Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Sometimes you have to wonder whether these analysts are helping big clients to purchase targeted stocks cheaply.


Analysts are paid for their work, either for positive or negative feedback ! Every one in wall street is completely aware of it.


Data is data. It could mean a buying opportunity, or, it could mean bad news down the road. You decide what it means…


Remember the analysts were predicting the similar low sales in previous quarters.These data are cooked up and unreliable.

Just waiting for such drop, year end tax loss harvesting, and grabbed some more. Let us see the results after Feb 01, 2018.

Next three days great opportunity to grab really strong companies when dips more than 5%.


Again, SOMEONE is employing these analysts… I am assuming if these analysts are constantly wrong then that would be reported out as well…

ASSUMING this is correct, what are analysts supposed to say???

The analyst reports come after Taiwanese newspaper Economic Daily reported Monday that Apple had dramatically lowered its own iPhone sales expectations from 50 million to 30 million.


They will be considered as right as the stock tanks immediately and become famous at that time. When the company reports good qtrly report, these analysts would be forgotten. Who believes such analysts, then? Only technical traders, novice or just starters.


Of course my strike price for Apple is something like $13. OMG, people you are working way too hard to pump up that price. I would’ve been happy and laughing all the way to the bank no matter what… :rofl:


All I can say is, nothing is ever linear or always going up. Make your bets accordingly, right? If you feel the reporting is wrong, then buy more, the price is cheaper. If you feel the reporting is legit, SELL, SELL, SELL!!! Me, I stay out of it…I just type and report what folks who supposedly know more than me, are saying…



Author seems to side with you @Jil


In this I am not defending apple, but showing how analysts can twist the story to bring UPs and Downs to the market.

This is what Seth Klarmann and others say about market, “Unfortunately, Market works against the investors, analysts are paid for their service and their actions have some motive behind the writings”. Investor must analyze the truth and decide.

“Apple is trimming its fiscal first-quarter iPhone X guidance to 30 million units from 50 million units” is too good to be true. This is 40% change. If this true, AAPL must fall 50%, not 5%.


Don’t recall seeing any statement from Apple saying it is reducing unit sale. Analysts speak as if it is from Apple.

From my more than 20+ years (not 2+ years :wink:) following Apple news, Apple always over order to secure supplies and then adjust after they have a clearer picture.

Apple is well followed, many Apple specific news site. No need to follow selected news from a blogger.

For example, Apple Investor News
Some linked sites such as AppleInsider is itself an Apple specific news site.
Daring FireBall by John Gruber

Also, many Apple specific discussion forums for serious investors,
Apple Finance Board
The Braeburn Group
The Motley Fool - AAPL
The Mac Observer
Silicon Investor - AAPL


One word: Kodak


Kodak failed by technological revolution and company did not change direction to the new technology or late to react.

Apple has not reached yet, and I can fairly say unlikely to reach that level soon. Our big brother, Warren Buffet, won’t pay 12 Billion on AAPL easily.


I never assume anything is a given or a sure thing in life…


It is good to explore/suspect everything, but with some life assumptions, we need to move on. I strong believe Warren Buffet’s decision on investing as he is the living legend mastered the art of value investing. I started following him from BAC, and proved again in AAPL and SYF now.


Is it possible Mr. B drank too much Kool-Aid???

Buffett has been a long-term owner of companies like See’s Candies, Coca-Cola and Dairy Queen, and used to shun technology companies because of the danger of becoming obsolete (think Blackberry, Dell, Eastman Kodak, Sony or Yahoo). Only recently did Buffett buy into iPhone maker Apple.


Senior management of Kodak is well aware of the change in direction, they don’t care because it is not their problems as they are retiring soon, just leave it to the young generation. The next group of senior management think similarly :rofl:


Do not look at buffet with this idea " used to shun technology companies because of the danger of becoming obsolete". He is a crane looking for a fish in big bond, waits for an opportunity !

Think about this situation. When you plan to buy a real estate in bay area, how many days you do math, mental math and how many permutations/combinations you think whether it is good buy and whether that makes you grow…etc?

We Struggle a lot to make a decision for a 1 M property.

With 12 Billion investments, at the age of 87, how much research he and his team would have carried before coming to final decision. I trust this process and his track record, his proven way of investing.


Well, why can’t someone argue that Apple ONLY really makes just Iphones and computers? Again, you cats are practically showering in the Kool-Aid so objectivity is not exactly there. I have no skin in the game, other than being an owner of a lowly 6+…

All I can say is, we just had an election that should have been a slam dunk, surest thing since San Tung chicken wings. Did we?