Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


That’d be a $12B drop in Q1 revenue. Something that big wouldn’t be breaking news on a Taiwan newspaper.


Buffett has a pretty spotty record on tech. I think he sees Apple as a good golden brand like See’s instead of some tech company.

I am much more interested in his Synchrony stake. Buffett is expert on financial company. He made his fortune on Geico. If you guys think Apple is a good buy just based on WB’s stake shouldn’t you buy SYF too?


Synchrony is spin off from GE. It was GE finance previously. Since WB shed all GE stocks, he moved the money to SYF.

At the same time, Seth Klarmann also bought SYF. When both giants bought, I bought some SYF at $29 level , then at $33 and holding it.


Did you see any good analysis on SYF? Want to understand it more.


I did not do any major research when both of my favorite investors, Seth and Buffet, bought SYF at the same time. After I bought it at $34 range, it did not go up, surprised and dipped to $28.9, then I bought again. The stock turned upwards then.

Here are the few links I read before buying SYF.



You mean there weren’t too many of these activations???



Ouch!!! Shades of Salesforce Tower ripping on the Millennium Tower’s foundation…


You can’t even update to new software on a lot of android phones. You’re stuck with the version that was released when you bought the phone.




What is going on, Mr. Austin???



Agree or disagree, Apple fanboys/fangirls???


Larry Ramer has over a decade of experience in business journalism. He has worked for Globes, Israel’s most widely read business newspaper, as well as The Jerusalem Post and theflyonthewall.

Mr. Ramer’s expansive knowledge of politics enables him to provide valuable insights into how politics can affect stocks. He also specializes in contrary investing.

Should we listen to Larry?


Frankly, ANYONE, in my opinion can have a valid perspective on things. I don’t discriminate…


How to tell whether Larry has a valid or invalid perspective on the power management issue?


Good question which I have no idea. Your point is valid about the “erroneous” reporting out of Taiwan on the projected lower numbers but that is why the Internet is a double edged sword, right? Good and bad data, everywhere… I just don’t subscribe to the notion that something can be unstoppable forever…


What’s your purpose in this? Since you don’t own Apple, are you waiting for the stock to fall so you can buy on the cheap?


I report out good and bad news. No skin in the game but I do take offense when the position is presented that Company A is unstoppable. Nothing is unstoppable.


You can say the same thing about America. Maybe it’s time to move to another country… :wink: