Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


And let’s be honest, we are loooooving it here in the Bay Area with our ever increasing home prices but who is to say that is going to continue right? As an investor, one must be always looking at the other side too or be prepared for a stormy day. That’s all I am suggesting. Apple should survive this mess but might take a few licks along the way. Once a company actually believes and acts like it can dictate the marketplace is when one should be concerned right? The consumer actually has the final say and if he/she thinks you are not being honest he/she can turn on you on a dime.


Thanks for the reminder, personally I’m already well aware of that.


I bought AAPL additionally ! You helped me.


Wrong target! AMZN is the unstoppable one. Everybody says it would disrupt and destroy many industry.
WS has always viewed Apple as very vulnerable and accord a low P/E because:
a. A hardware company… a mismanagement of inventory can be disastrous;
b. Depends on product hits with consumers… consumers are fickle and they change taste frequently;
c. Post-SJ hence not innovative; and
d. Law of large numbers, too large and can’t grow anymore.
Have yet to read articles that say Apple is unstoppable. Not sure where you read this position. In fact, there are many articles that say Apple is doomed and death knell articles are plentiful.


@sfdragonboy is a very biased person. Also hyprocritical. He said he’s offended by unstoppable companies but then he always treated Bezos like God and kissed his ass wherever and whenever he could… :rofl:


And yet, I own zero shares…

Again, I am only posting with mostly tongue in cheek…come on!!!


Fine, but Apple is up there for sure…and has lots and lots of money to throw at any issue


Um… time to put some money into where your mouth is… come on!!! With all that home equity of yours they have to be put to good use… :wink:


I will buy bitcoins before stocks…:laughing:


How very illogical… :rofl:


Well I will likely sell all my Apple shares in January. Need the money to buy something else. I must say there is some sentimental value there as I owned them for many years. But it’s time to part ways.


You can always buy it back after the recovery from Batterygate!!!:slight_smile:


What might that be? Curious mind want to know… :thinking:


Bayview beauty!!!


Nah just some other stocks. Battery gate is a nothing burger. But we are reaching the top of the smart phone S curve. It will be harder and harder for Apple to move people to upgrade. Well especially now that they can’t slow down their phones on purpose. :smile:


Um… as I already said, time for Apple to buy Tsla… win win situation for both…


I saw you rocking some ancient iphone @wuqijun. Time to help your old pal Apple out and buy an X.


But how come my iPhone didn’t seem to slow down? Maybe my reflex ability deteriorated with age… :rofl:


I am waiting for TSLA to come down to $300 to buy. Just readying cash, by selling some profitable ones, for it.


Buy it before Apple acquired it… :wink: