Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Are you buying one?


Sure, always need to test run new product :grinning: I still have the Apple hi-fi.


What is Apple hi-fi?

I can see one big advantage of HomePod. Apple is far more protective of people’s privacy than Google and Amazon. Pretty sure Apple won’t secretly record you and turn it over to the FBI.


Apple iPod Hi-Fi released in 2006.


Google & Amazon speaker is smart first, music second. Designed to search products to buy, happen to be able to do music too. Essentially a smart microphone + a speaker functionality.

Apple HomePod is music first, smart second. Designed to listen to music, happen to be able to do other stuffs.



Wow, he is bullish on Apple…

(Boom, my head exploding…)


From the book “Becoming Steve Jobs”:

“Steve kept people in a box,” says Avie. Tevanian had talked to his boss several times about his itch to do something new, and in 2003, Steve had moved him into a role as the company’s “chief software technology officer.” It was unquestionably a promotion, but it turned out to be a job without much of a portfolio. Tevanian found himself with little concrete responsibility. He felt out of the loop, and realized that his new role would not work. “Being a pseudo individual staff person working for Steve doesn’t work, because he already has all the answers. He didn’t like it when I would be in a meeting where he was reviewing a product, and I would have an opinion. He just didn’t like it. And he grew to not like that I could be a senior person like that without having day-to-day responsibilities to deliver something,” he says.

“Tim Cook, now Apple’s CEO, says that he worried about Tevanian leaving, and urged Steve in 2004 to figure out another challenge to keep the brilliant software engineer at Apple. “Steve looked at me,” Cook remembers, “and goes, ‘I agree he’s really smart. But he’s decided he doesn’t want to work. I’ve never found in my whole life that you could convince someone who doesn’t want to work hard to work hard.’ ” Another time, shortly after Steve had learned that Tevanian had taken up golf, Steve carped to Cook that something was really amiss. “Golf?!” he thundered incredulously. “Who has time for golf?”


I bet on Jobs death bed he wished he spent more time on something besides work.


Don’t know about that. Some people never have remorse.


“Of all ignorance, the ignorance of the educated is the most dangerous. Not only are educated people likely to have more influence, they are the last people to suspect that they don’t know what they are talking about when they go outside their narrow fields.”


Is this causing Aapl stock drop?
I am not going to upgrade



Home Sweet Home

Mr Quek was at Apple and some of his work included being the lead engineer for the digital crown for the company’s first-generation Apple Watch.
…two days after he resigned from Apple, Mr Quek started work at GovTech. Today, he is the director for Smart Nation Systems and Solutions Sensors and IoT (Internet of Things) at the agency.


AAPL is only 10 points higher than last May…


You’re holding AAPL?
My WAG is one more push to test $200 follow by a slow decline to $150 over a 6-9 months.


Thanks, was going to buy. I guess I will wait for $150.


What if it didn’t happen? I would short put (LEAPS 2019 $150-$165). If it didn’t decline to $150, consolation price of making $900-$1600 per put.


Apple market cap: 846B
Google: 816B

Will Google overtake Apple within next 30 days?


Sorry, the bet is AMZN or FB :slight_smile:


I own both stocks so I’m cheering for both!