Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


It is a buy then, I bought again today


IMO, Google will over take Apple before FB or AMZN, but not now as AAPL is about to bounce up after results which google can not supersede now !


Is AAPL a falling knife or feather? What’s the point to buy AAPL when there are less risky ones?


When Google IPO, its market cap is much more than AAPL.
Ever since market cap of AAPL overtook Google, Google is unable to retake the lead.

Are you replacing the other Apple basher?
So far many Apple gloom and doomers fail in their prediction.
WSJ is talking c…, surf past years info and you know why.


Apple is cutting IPhone X production for the 1st quarter in 2018. Is it right? How can it be last year’s news?

I am not long nor short AAPL, neural on it


Apple always cut order of components in the 1st quarter. Is it my English :blush: or your comprehension :angry: ?
Stock likes to run then rest, run then rest… just patient, pick up shares when bull is resting.


Thanks for assurance. I’ll buy amzn instead


No need to be a scarecrow every time the stock declines, I hold through all kinds of decline from 1997 till now.
Notice current annual dividend is $2.52 higher than my purchase price of $2.30.


You need to be religious to hold for 20 years. Have you sold any shares at all?


The calendar Q4 (holiday quarter) is always the peak iPhone sales. When the new year starts, sales are lower than the holiday quarter that just ended.

Apple’s Q1 is the calendar Q4.


Remember the cardinal rule for wealth building is to postpone tax?
For real estate, 1031 at the end of 27.5 years of depreciation or when you’re going to have consistent profit.
For stocks, don’t sell. Use margin to buy other stocks* like what manch did or RE like what wuqijun did.

*Please buy only when the bull is resting. Refer to an AAPL chart in earlier post, between $90-$100 for AAPL is good enough, no need to be at absolute bottom. As a rule, try not to buy the same stock :slight_smile:


Why is my name mentioned there?


Market cap watch:

Apple: 849.4
Google: 812.0
Microsoft: 715.5
Amazon: 692.8
Tencent: 544.0
Facebook: 543.7
Alibaba: 512.2


Can Amazon overtake Microsoft this week?

Can Google overtake Apple within 30 days?

We already know Amazon and Facebook will overtake Apple in 5 years. :smile:


So should @hanera sell all his Apple and switch over to fb and Amzn?


No. @hanera should buy me a fancy lunch instead. :smile:


That would be a double whammy :rofl:


Exactly. I was wondering when manch would realize this. I drop hint talking about hedging and he still blur blur. The right bet is the one who win pay!


No, the tax bill would suck. Borrow against the AAPL to buy FB and AMZN.


The life of margin trader is, when you win you win big, but when you lose you also lose big. No middle ground. :smile: