Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?




Hanera can not sell AAPL lifelong, but enjoy ceaseless dividends and needs to pass it as inheritance to his heirs !


Recently we discuss about three levels of FIRE, we says a passive income stream is necessary. Passive income stream come to me :grinning: without me doing anything, some high up is taking care of me :man_dancing:


Yes, blockbuster fire is what is needed. :smile:


Holding any portfolio during multiple downturns needs extraordinary courage! You are reaping the benefit!!


OMG, I go away mostly due to work and house hunting and you guys come out with new pictures. Wow, what a bunch of handsome men!!!:grinning: (SF resident yes, swing that way, no…)


Ok, @harriet’s peeps know something…



Yes, financials should be great today, but I just happen to think like the author of this piece…


Alessandra, also known as Ali, covers financial adviser technology for InvestmentNews. Ali was born and raised in New York, and is a recent graduate of the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism where she received a master’s degree with a concentration in business journalism.

No wonder her article so rojak.


Tell us more, Mr. Handsome Man…


Apple beat!!


iPhone shipments down
Mac shipments down


Down 1% AH so far. Let’s see how the conf call goes.


Wow, this is sooo exciting…maybe even more so than the announcement of Amazon HQ2… no, maybe not that exciting


For newbies. Cut n paste charts for easy reference.
09 PM

52 PM

08 PM


Listening to the call?


I’m not surprised iPhone shipments were a little light given the X didn’t start shipping until November and was supply constrained at first. It’ll be interesting what happened to iPhone ASP. That’ll give an indicator of mix.




Average selling price. It should be much higher this quarter.