Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?



Can I have my battery…now???


Waze was started by ex-Tesla engineers. And after Google bought Waze, they have integrated some of the features particularly the accident reports from waze into google maps. IMHO, Apple missed a big trick by not buying Waze and integrating into Apple Maps to fight off Google Maps dominance on iPhones.

Apple Maps, for me, is a stillborn product.


Doesn’t change the fact SF has much higher crime rates than SJ. If you think SJ is bad, then SF must terrify you. If it doesn’t, then you’re just proving how irrational you are about it.


Well, if you followed your own logic then why are so many RICH people moving here then???

(sounds of crickets…)


I think @marcus335 is probably thinking about the Tenderloin and you are thinking about Pacific Heights.

When it comes to SJ though, he is probably thinking about West San Jose and you are thinking about Alum Rock… :rofl:


Everybody in the blogosphere thinks so. Another one is HALO, bought by MSFT.
I prefer to use built-in GPS for car navigation. And use Apple maps for planning of trips.


So you’re saying rich people don’t move to SJ? It’s funny SF is world class, except no one with kids wants to live there. SF is literally dead last in percent of population under 18. It’s a terrible place to raise a family.


I thought marcus335 said given current trend, SJ might overtake SF from the business, job and family lifestyle perspective. The current debate is going nowhere because there is no definition of what are “better” and the timeframe is not set correctly, appears to relegate to past and current, and not into the future. Thought the debate is about what could happen in the future and not what is happening currently and in the past.


Ok so let’s concentrate on something solid: home values. Currently, SF has a higher median home value than SJ. However, given the current trend, SJ might overtake SF in home value within the next decade or so.


I think I originally said 20-30 years.


Don’t think it’ll take that long. Bidding wars are absolutely insane down here. Sellers are having their cake and eating it the same exact time… :scream:


I agree, totally insane and scary ! Open house crowds are reduced, no of bidders are high and wild too.


Peninsula is also crazy. I competed against 24 other offers for the house I was interested in…


You are part of a shrinking tribe! Most people I know prefer phone apps over car GPS since it’s so much easier to enter destination (can usually speak to the phone app), apps get updates faster and live traffic etc is better. Even with car GPS, I always prefer phone GPS apps.


At my age, I appreciate bigger screen :grinning: and memory of previous destinations. My favorite is the go Home button :grinning: I think all cars can use voice commands, guess you say easier, likely true.


Some of those phablets are almost as big as car (non-Tesla) GPS screens


You want me to mount an iPad mini in the car? Blocking many gauges?


As an Apple fanboi you don’t have CarPlay integration in your car? :scream:


First is BAGB, now is you. I have to be careful what I said here. Both of you are trying to catch me for inaccurate facts or contradictory opinions. My cars are bought before CarPlay is implemented :slight_smile: CarPlay would be a must-have when I replace my cars :slight_smile: Btw, I don’t like retrofit.