Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


@sfdragonboy, you started believing analysts again ! They just wants to short the stock.

On any case, Apple will meet the target revenue & Profits as long as world economy is doing great.

This company is just like bay area real estate, very consistent and conservative in commit the financial figures.


This thread is about what is Apple doing :wink:


No - this thread is about convincing you that apple will play into user time.
Kudos @hanera for the links.


If you are thinking about Apple self driving car then no, it won’t be ready in 5 years.

Apple glasses will be ready though. Don’t know how big they will be. I may get a pair as I am already wearing glasses. To this day I still don’t see any need for an Apple Watch.


I don’t see a need for any watch, but my wife loves another smart watch for android. She reads most of her emails (titles, at least) from her watch to see if they are important, if there is a call on her phone she can check who it is before answering (or not) - useful also during driving with hands-free etc, controls her music from the watch and so on.

I don’t like any jewelry/accessory on my body, but there are plenty of people who don’t mind.


Think for a moment, Apple Watch has sensors monitoring your health & life condition :slight_smile: How would it evolve?
I use Apple Watch a lot e.g. alarms, Apple Pay, check stock prices, calendar, breathing apps, etc.


Heartbeat irregular, calls 911.


It is important to be observant, @manch.


PC way to say he is slow witted :rofl:


I am not a politically correct person, and that’s definitely not what i said. Just because i don’t like most stuff doesn’t mean people don’t either.

  • I don’t like social networks, i think they are waste of time. Plenty of people like to share their boring life.
  • I don’t like using a watch, but plenty of people do.
  • I see no point in expensive food (i like fast food more than expensive dine-ins), and get the most joy from in n out & chick fila, but plenty of people do.
  • I think privacy is god damn human right, plenty of people like to give it away for free.


I think you should quit the hi-tech industry :wink: except if you’re in Apple :grinning:


NFLX has a lot of award winning content.


Lucky for Apple that it has all that capital to use to invest in new technologies/industries otherwise I would be worried from an investor’s point of view.



Ok, so this development is the stuff that doesn’t impress me about Apple or any company that does this. When you are cutting edge and leading the pack with new stuff/technology, why do you wallow in the cheap aisle with discounted products???


New Project Titan Inventions Surface covering a Camera System for Autonomous Cab/Ride-Sharing Services & more

Last week the U.S. Patent Office published a total of 6 autonomous vehicle related patent filings from Apple and our cover graphic partly covers one of the patent filing titled “Traffic Direction Detection Recognition” as covered further below.

Another of Apple’s autonomous vehicle inventions covers a camera system that can apply to ride-sharing and cab services. Considering that Apple invested one billion dollars in China’s ride-hailing service Didi Chuxing in 2016, this specific patent may be of particular interest to some.


Editorial: Bloomberg spins Apple’s Event as a desperate, blind stab for cheap iPads in education

While it might sound “truthy” to say Apple fatefully turned its back on education to pursue “mass market” and “high margins,” the reality is that Apple has always marketed itself to schools as being better for learning, despite competitors offering cheaper products–the same way it markets premium products to consumers and the enterprise.

The idea that Google and Microsoft are rolling in rich success because they outsmarted Apple in education is also fiction. Google began dumping Chromebooks on U.S. K-12 schools over the last few years because nobody else wanted to buy them.

ChromeOS and Google’s Cloud apps were initially intended to reach the enterprise, but failed.

Bloomberg is either intentionally distorting reality for its readers, or fundamentally does not understand very important concepts in capital markets and is blind to clear patterns that keep occurring among hardware makers trying to take Apple’s position without doing to the work to earn it.

But it’s premature–perhaps asinine–to suggest that the solution to Apple competing against low-end commodity loss leaders is to slash its own pricing. The only time Apple ever did that was in the early 90s, when its cheap Performas, infomercials and commodity PC licensing deals nearly destroyed the company.

Article is very long. Point by point rebutting the deliberate online falsehood by Bloomberg.


Apple watch is garbage. Battery failed (again) at mile 18 at a race I ran recently. Previously it failed at mile 23. Basically what this means is that I have no chance to completing a marathon with this watch’s battery life unless I am one of those elite runners from Ethiopia.


Apple Watch is that smart? It knows how to urge you on?


Yes real smart. Just like how your phone’s battery drains so you can text less and spend more time interacting face to face.


Good, you have learned how to think positively.