Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


How do you know he’s a business major and not anthropology?


What’s wrong with women studies?


I checked the list earlier but they don’t have that major at UCLA.


WHAT?!?! :-1:


Okay I looked again and apparently there’s one called “gender studies”… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ok UCLA has redeemed itself. :+1:


AKA: how to waste your parents’ money or end up never able to repay your student loan debt


Uh, did Mr. Austin approve of this post, Sir??? Drink the Kool-Aid, Sir! Never, ever question the directives of the Fuhrer (Tim Cook), Sir, never!!!


Uh, Mr. Austin, is this post ok? Hate to rain on your parade and all that you know…


I never heard of TechJuice. Must be highly reputable publication in Pakistan :face_with_raised_eyebrow: The title used the word “beg”. No where in the article is there any reference to negotiation details, much less close to “beg”.


Leaks have always been an issue. The company is very consistent in firing the people and pursuing criminal charges whenever possible.


The scale at which Apple buys OLED displays gives it the bargaining power to demand better prices from Samsung but keeping in view how clever those Koreans are Apple may finally have to beg for a price cut.

So the writer is hypothesizing… shoot him :grinning:


As expected…



Got all excited for nothing :angry:


Think you would have a free watch :slight_smile:
Please don’t let me, live in your league :slight_smile:


Oops, that’s what my wife said…


No, why would I think that? I was hoping they would release a fix for my Apple Watch’s battery drain problem, but mine is a 38mm so it’s not even covered in the article :angry:


iPhone X Responsible for 35% of Total Worldwide Phone Profits in Q4 2017


Keep those dividends rolling… :smile: