Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Stop buying those East Bay and SJ properties with the dividends. Leave some for others here.




Why do you care? You already sold your shares.


Communal screaming. :scream: :scream_cat: :scream:


Is posting negative news about a well-known company a kind of baptism of fire for rookie journalists?
HomePod, Mark Gurman graduated in 2016.
Also, one female journalist… can’t remember name :blush:

Well the intent of Thomas’s article is to push the share price down, guess should back up the truck, load up long calls?



Gurman was very well known even when he was a high school kid.


He is losing his teenager’s charm :sleepy:



I noticed that too in SF last Sunday. Google Map > Apple Map. Why doesn’t Google monetize it better? Baidu makes lots of money on its map.


Does it only do that for those companies who advertise with them or any landmarks?


I think we can assume most companies advertise on Google. In my case it was a Comfort Inn.


Wow. Apple has 80% share of the revenue in phone market. That is surprising. Because I thought Android dominates the unit share. I don’t have any # data. But I thought it was like 80/20 or 70/30 in favor of Android.

I assume Apple units sell for premium and makes more per unit than Android.



How does Baidu monetize maps?


If you search “pizza” on baidu maps the ones who paid baidu will come up first. Maybe google is already doing it? I am not sure.


maps have some amount of ads.


Yes, Google does this. In fact, Google Auctions keyword “Pizza” on daily basis and whoever bids higher for such keyword, their ad will come on top.

Today, pizza may be $4 per click and tomorrow it may be $10 as competition increases.

Google implemented first, Baidu followed google in China space.


I just searched pizza on google iPhone map. None of the results is labeled as an ad.


I do not know where they display and how google work, but here is the link through which google gets adwords


I wonder how much of that is crypto vs. iPhone. We’ll find out when Apple reports.