Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


This is not about Apple or NVDA or any company, investors, hedge funds are finding some scapegoat issue and selling their peak reached stocks (or long holdings). Hedge Funds and Financial Institutions are big sellers, but they hypocritically telling common people hold when market falls !

I am seeing this sentiments since Jan 2018 onwards.


These guys do that all the time. Want to sell, pay millions to news site to publish bullish news and when they have sold and position for short, pay millions to news site to publish bearish news. That is why I always laugh at bloggers who link articles to bullish and bearish news as “evidences"… telling me that they don’t know how WS works.

Btw, those guys have tons of shares so they have to cycle a few times. Think they have finished cycling?


This is my pure guess work. They also do extensive forecasting and deal with it. IMO, they all run future forecasting the impact of short term interest rate, and clearly moving security to cash position instead of rotating. I think the current one is balancing securities vs cash so that they can buy at DIP.




Smart phones are now a commodity. In the future phone manufacturers growth rates will slow, competition will increase and the P/E ratios will be like car companies.


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I am a shallow man.


Cramer tracks the ‘very close’ race to $1 trillion between Apple, Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft

At this point, Cramer admitted that “anything can happen” to push any one of these market leaders to the $1 trillion finish.

“Right now, though, Amazon’s the one that could break free, break away from this three-horse pack to challenge Apple,” he said. "Can it overtake the favorite? Not if Apple surprises to the upside this quarter. But if it misses and Amazon delivers, the roses may very well belong to Jeff Bezos.”

We might be able to meet up soon, will reserve my judgement about the “shallowness” until then :wink:

Earning announcement:
AAPL May 1
AMZN May 3


The race was whether amazon and Facebook will be worth more than Apple in 5 years. Not which one will crack the 1T ceiling first.


Past performance is no indication of future perfotmance…Will Appl grow 6 times in 10 years?


Friend, if AMZN reaches first, then it beats AAPL right? So meet up. Or you mean have to be both AMZN and FB more than AAPL’s? You want to be nice to me? If AAPL reaches first, then no meet up, that is understood right :wink: ?


Apple Found a Wall Street Narrative

After months of iPhone sales estimates being slashed by analysts, expectations have been reset. The iPhone mega upgrade cycle of 2018 that so many were calling for is not going to happen. One assumes such a reset would have been accompanied by a significant decline in Apple’s stock price. Instead, Apple shares have outperformed the market and continue to trade near all-time highs. The resiliency in Apple’s stock price reflects the company finally finding a narrative on Wall Street, and it’s not centered on the iPhone. Apple has become a capital allocation story.

Instead of iPhone sales or Apple Services revenue gaining importance, Apple’s balance sheet strategy is driving the company’s new Wall Street narrative.

There are three core tenets to Apple’s capital allocation narrative:

Superb cash flow generation. Apple’s business model predisposes the company to superior cash flow generation. Apple is able to monetize premium experiences more effectively and efficiently than anyone else. Instead of chasing scale, Apple sells tools that management think people will want and are willing to pay for. Scale ends up being merely a byproduct of a successful strategy. Apple is generating more than $60 billion of operating cash flow per year.
Capital efficiency. Apple’s business model is remarkably efficient in terms of the amount of capital required to generate these cash flows. Instead of owning a complex web of factories, Apple has built a network of third-party suppliers and assemblers that are second to none. In addition, the company remains focused when it comes to funding capital expenditures for organic growth. As a result of these actions, Apple reports more free cash flow than Alphabet, Facebook, and Amazon combined.
Returning excess capital to shareholders. Given such strong free cash flow generation, Apple is kicking off more cash than management needs to fund growth opportunities. Instead of sitting on the excess cash or spending the cash on unattractive projects, management has shown the willingness to return excess cash to shareholders via share repurchases and quarterly cash dividends.

Market Cap Watch

I am a nice guy. We can do both amazon and Facebook. :slight_smile:


Aapl took a big hit today


WB is waiting.


Investors (Big banks, financial institutions, hedge funds) are bringing down one sector to another sector. As I expected, they move out of highly appreciated stocks to bonds or cash so that they can be back at low point.


Buffett’s Bet In Apple Can End Up Like IBM




Disregard the message because of the messenger?


You might want to find out what WS thinks about IBM first.

I’m reading it now. Did he know about what WS thinks of IBM? I wanted to stop when he compares with IBM because he might not know what WS thinks of IBM… very bad comments by many WS pundits… WS laughed at WB investment in a business that is financial engineering its results…but since you insist, I read on.