Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?



Nothing exciting. At. All. Meh thru and thru. :-1: :-1: :-1:


manch has concluded even before watching and so whatever happened, conclusion is the same.


I read about it already. Tell me which part is exciting?


Nothing for you as you’re not a developer :slight_smile: nor own an Apple watch nor use IoTs nor a couch potato.


Let me flip it around then. Which parts are exciting to you?


To manch, everything about Apple is not exciting. Everything about Amazon is mind-blowing. Even Microsoft is rejuvenating, however Tesla is doomed toward bankruptcy.


Well, no need to get emotional. Tell me which parts of WWDC are exciting to you personally?



Every parts :rofl: Joking aside. I notice there are many female presenters, they look like mothers :disappointed_relieved: The focus is about smart lifestyle (the ever elusive sexy female personal secretary that would do something that satis you without you saying too much), double down on the issue of the day i.e. privacy, and making it even easier to develop apps for both macOS and iOS.


I lost my iphone, just one month old at that time iphone 8 plus, in Japan while travelling on train. Luckily, I had data sim in it. Using my spouse phone, which did not have data sim, I connected to local internet, used whats up call to my son in Los Angeles. He made the phone locked, tracked and found the station where the train is. I contacted near by station master and he contacted that station master where phone is tracked…In next 4 hours, I have got my iphone 8 plus !

Same iphone 8 plus, I lost it yesterday at hair salon. I again locked the phone. Someone took it, I tracked with the help of hair salon owner, everything owner tracked by video. If I am lucky, I will get the phone either by tonight or tomorrow morning.

[Edit] I got my iphone now ! It took 24 hours to get it.


Maybe this was the exciting part?


Apple knows what nextgen wants. Bullish.



Still waiting for a fix on the watch for the battery drain issue…


Yay! Free repair for my MacBook Pro :smile:


The push for extremely thin is causing a lot of problems. Recently sent in a MBP because of batter issue, free replacement of keyboard +battery.



Tim Cook Discusses Apple’s Future in China
The Apple CEO sits down with us at this year’s Fortune Global Forum to discuss innovation, Apple’s successes and challenges in China, and what’s next for the world’s most admired company.


How useful is the Apple Watch? Do you wear it all the time?


Very useful. I wear it all the time except during bathing and cooking.


Apple watch = glorified mp3 player.