Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


I’m more interested in fitness and health monitoring. Music is a plus.

Fitbit dropped to $6 range. Guess not a good idea to buy a Fitbit


What’s the killer app on Apple Watch? What’s the top 3 reasons you want to wear it?


Everybody wear it for different reasons. Other than telling time and ad hoc phone calls, my use cases are:
a. Apple Pay
b. Alarm
c. Notifications (from message, calendar, …)
d. Stock price
e. Health apps such as breathing, walking, standing up…
f. Weather
g.Turn2turn navigation

I don’t listen to music with the Apple Watch.
Lately, I have seen many people wearing Apple Watches and AirPods.


How far can you keep your phone from your watch? Can the watch function without


First - Around the whole house, guess is 20-30 feet.
Second - My watch is the first version. The latest version can function without the iPhone.


After losing my iphone two times, and recovered later, I purchased Apple watch and Airpods. OMG, they are too good for me ! This is a major change in apple product.

First, Apple watch has two models one with CIM card and another without SIM card. The w/o sim connects through bluetooth and limited distance.

The other one, with SIM works as a clone iphone which I bought. Now, I switch off my iphone and use only apple watch with airpods.

I can not explain the usage, but they are too good for me that I do not want to get rid off. The apple watch software needs improvement, but that is fine as of now.


Do you need a separate phone service for Apple Watch with SIM card? I like to have a watch with good independence and a SIM card, but it make no sense to pay 2 phone bills


Apple watch with SIM card needs data plan. There is an additional $10/month and this SIM will have same iphone number (clone one) and you can use this apple watch as if it is iphone except the small 42 mm size.


That’s decent. Does it accept text message as well?


It is replica of iphone, you can do anything iphone can do.


Apple is rebuilding Maps from the ground up



Are you slumming with an android or have an iPhone?


Slumming is best done with iPhones.


In Woodside that status signal is a kitchen coop in the front yard…In most of the Valley I am sure a Tesla indicates wealth… An IPhone means nothing…


Bullish sign for Tsla when even @Elt1 said something like that.


You can’t carry a Tesla inside a building or post picture of your house everywhere.


I am staying away from tesla. Not because i am not wealthy, but always had something against dumping so much on a depreciating asset. Probably that’s why i am not super wealthy :slight_smile: maybe should force myself into buying a tesla. fake it till you make it.

  1. you should buy Tsla the stock NOT Tesla the car

  2. your biggest depreciating asset is your primary residence.


A Tesla is a status symbol.Comparable to the chicken coop mentioned…Not my thing. For people that are insecure about their status…like Mercedes used to be.