Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


You mean, the building? My building is probably already well depreciated :slight_smile: But the land appreciates, no? :slight_smile:


I wasn’t thinking straight… I meant to say your home is your biggest expense, since you derive no income from it and you can’t sell it (where are you going to live?) So you can only benefit if you downsize into a smaller home.

But now that I think about it, your biggest expense is actually child(ren). You will definitely not get any money back from them. In fact, they will take away all your money when you’re dead :scream:


Human instinct to pass the genes on at a huge cost.
Alternatively, selfish human behavior that costs a lot of money :slight_smile:


Sounds better than donating money to some ungrateful kids at UCLA that’s for sure.


Better pass money to someone with your DNA or someone you had deep personal connection. Blind love is scary.


You mean marriage?



Siri sucks.


Damn, I was halfway writing the check…


Apple is behind Google and Amazon in the smart speaker race for several reasons, mostly related to its late start and to the HomePod’s higher price point.

In addition, the HomePod has only recently become available in new territories, arriving in Canada, France and Germany last month, while the competition’s availability has been widespread for longer.

Projection is HomePod would grow from 4%-10% whereas Echo will shrink from 50% to 34% :slight_smile:


Naughty, naughty…


This guy worked for Apple for only two years. Why would management give such vital info to a low level employee? Makes me wonder about Apple more than this guy. Apple has a reputation for secrecy and security.
Now destroyed.


According to the complaint, about 5,000 of Apple’s 135,000 employees (3.7 percent) are “disclosed on the Project,” which Apple has never openly discussed. Of those employees, 2,700 are designated as “core employees” on the project, giving them access to certain databases. The term disclosed refers to people working on or knowledgeable of the company’s efforts in autonomous driving and related technology.


Huh, you caught that too :slight_smile: 5,000 :slight_smile: getting serious. Look like is so damn hard to recruit SWEs in this area that Apple is slacking to get not-so-ideal guys onboard.


I still bet Apple will make the whole car.


Been waiting so long… not going to happen. Does it have a secret assembly line somewhere? :smile: Acquire Tsla already.


FINALLY MBP with 32GB RAM!!! :exploding_head:


How is this different from uber and google with the Anthony fellow? Why is this guy getting arrested?


Low level small fish gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Doesn’t help he’s Chinese and about to board a plane to China. Anything to do with China is evil you know.

Big fish like the Uber guys will be slapped at the wrist, if that.


Just spent over 5k on my new MBP. :cry: I’d love to have the new 10nm intel chip but God knows when Intel will get their shit together. 32GB RAM is my must have and now that it’s there I can’t wait no more…

Maybe this will be very last computer. Will we still use laptops in 2028?