Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Market mostly red, consumer staples and utilities mostly green. AAPL is green, new ATH close $210.24 :smile: Market and WB view AAPL belonging to the consumer staples and utilities group.

Trump to dine with Apple CEO Tim Cook


Tim is gay. Trump is a homophobe. What’s there for them to talk about?


Has that ever been confirmed? He’s never been romantically linked to anyone. At one point his comments made him seem asexual. I thought he said something to the effect of, “I don’t think about people in that way.”



He is super private. Whenever he sells stock, Auburn University gets an large anonymous donation. They claim there is a NDA preventing them from naming the donor, but most people believe it’s Cook. I hope he runs for President some day.


we see its impact on iphone’s stance. There’s fear in advertising circles about what apple has been doing.


What make them fearful exactly?


He would be an incredible President. Fiscal conservative, sociallly liberal. Knows how to execute. Dream candidate.


search for itp, idfa limit ad tracking, etc. assumption is there’ll be more clamp down.


We need such a governor in California.

Is Cook a Republican?

He lobbied for Trump’s corporate tax cut and repatriation deals. He did fundraising for both parties. I guess he is a moderate whatever his party affiliation is


you don’t need to be republican for this. you just need to be a ceo.


My guess is that Cook is a republican, 99% accuracy. Did anyone spot any evidence?


In the 2016 election, Cook raised funds for the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.[63] At one point, Clinton’s campaign considered Cook as a candidate for vice-president.[64]


He is not a liberal


Cook eats Republicans for lunch.


I think he is centrist, no clear party preference. He gets along well with both parties. But in Bay Area standard, he is more like a republican.

Really smart people don’t go to the extremes


@manch is also a ceo for his business :rofl:

Many liberals hate Trump and they are willing to sacrifice their own interest to prove that they are loyal to anti trump


Don’t think Apple want to go into ads big time. Apple hates to sell your privacy.


Don’t think Apple investors would be happy about this possibility. Self-interest come first :hugs: For different reasons, Google and FB investors would be very unhappy.


I guess that @tomato says that iPhone can make advertisers clueless about user’s privacy using intelligent tracking prevention techniques