Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Get your ass back to 21st century.

Smart man + smart woman = smart kids.


You’re the superstitious one. Beware of your forehead.


Another person with big forehead: Frankenstein.


So big forehead makes people famous too. :smile:


Really… :rofl:


Look at this guy’s forehead:


Seems bald head, not a big forehead


Yes, @manch, stop calling an ugly duckling a swan. :rofl:


I smell some jealousy :smile:


OMG, can I give you a cake and have you eat it too??? :rofl:


Costco accepts Apple Pay :smile:


only if it’s linked to a visa card. Found out that this weekend when i tried to pay with Apple Pay. My default is a Mastercard


Visa’s marketcap is 323B. And they are based right here in Bay Area too. It’s a sleeper giant.


Buffett Buys More Apple, Says iPhone Is ‘Enormously Underpriced’

  • Stock markets continue to hit records, but Buffett said he prefers equities over fixed income and reiterated his long-term view

WB said $1000 iPhone is underpriced.


Upgrade your iPhone to the X.

Apple acquires a startup that’s developing AR lenses

Gather round Apple event on Sep 12 in Apple Park.


WB answered your mortgage question. Equities much better than your 4.5% mortgage bond.


Switch to AAPL calls, look like a run towards Sep 12 event.

Apple’s Stock May Rise 14% Amid New iPhone Release

Not the same question. Mortgage of primary (not bond) and index fund (not equities).


Apple is still benefiting from the strong narratives since earning. Not long the narratives will change for the worse. After the services income got baked into people’s expectations they will ask what next.


WB put the kabosh on Apple buying Tesla.


He owns BYD or whatever it’s called. Conflict of interest. Has anyone bought a BYD yet? What does it look like??? :rofl:


Sennheiser is getting more expensive than Bose. The world has indeed turned upside down: