Hot Stocks for Blockchain


ya I will simply wait it out, and buy a 2 year put. Worst case i lose my gamble. Also in 2 years, the whole economy might go down, so not a bad gamble.


On the flip side, the price - 9$ is the price in august, which is pretty recent. so smart to wait out a bit more for bubble inflation :smiley:


Hard to make money in shorting. I would stay out when I’m bearish. Put can be expensive post peak.

LFIN is remarkably resilient after the surge. Is it really worth 2.7B? It could be a better candidate for put


is that the tea company thingy? If so, surely i will “put” it off too :slight_smile:


Would you invest on anything the current president does knowing how well it went to his contractors, casinos, steak, mortgages, bottled water, whisky, air travel, all his businesses, and associates? :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Lesson to learn about moral:

What moral? :smile:


What’s your take on KODK? My sell order was not triggered today, wondering whether to do a partial sale to get my principal back.

Chart seems good. It’s consolidating after the huge runup. Volume is extremely huge with 2.5x outstanding shares traded hands. I am wondering whether it’s too early to sell.


Why not? Did you change the $12 sell order to $15? Max was $13.
I bought $100k at $10.28, hoping to sell at $12.88 :slight_smile: 2mrw.


Yeah, I changed to 15 from 7.5 yesterday. Today’s action was a little disappointing. Just sold for my principal at 10.7.

The price has held up well today with a 100M shares trading. I am still a little skittish and sold at 10.7 just for emotional comfort. Hope it’ll resume the rise tomorrow. I think your target is pretty conservative and good luck with your 20k potential gain. Did you buy after hours today?


So our honorable @hanera is now on the crypto bandwagon? @wuqijun you need to go in so this thing can finally pop. :scream:


wuqijun may have bought secretly :rofl:


I think the most @hanera would be willing to put in is maybe 10k.


@hanera, is it 100k 0r 10k on KODK? You need to defend your position. KODK was a low risk buy yesterday. Now it’s a little skittish, but still looks strong. I don’t believe the run only lasts for 2 days. I’m hoping for 35 and hanera is looking for 12.88. I hope both are right.


Ebay and Paypal although Paypal at the time was still part of Ebay. I never sold them.


Kodak is a real business that is implementing the blockchain transactional network. Indie photographers can use the network to trace usage of their photos. Bravo! Blockchain is Web 3.0! Although crypto is the rage, the network can be used for any transactions.


For the short term, hanera’s explanation can be used by millions of investors to justify the stock movement. If many people accept this for now, KODK will go to 35. There is resistance at 15 and 20, but with 100M shares trading, the resistance could be taken in hours.

There is no need for real revenue for now. Just a credible story. KODK might be undervalued in the first place. Will billions of revenue and 400M market cap, it’s still cheap.

I bought quite a bit yesterday. Should have sold GBTC and switched to KODK!


What is the value of block chain to Kodak. I doubt it will triple it’s revenue as the stock price increase would indicate


Are people going to suddenly start paying for photographs from Indie photographers? People are used to getting them for free. I presume KODK would take a cut of each transaction the way the App Store works. If they keep the same 30% cut, it’s 30% of how big of number? I’m willing to bet it’ll generate less than $100M in revenue for KODK this year.


KODK only has a market cap of 400M after this huge run up. Its market cap was 10% of its revenue yesterday. People may think Kodak will have a second bankruptcy. Now, if Kodak can use this blockchain hype to avoid 2nd bankruptcy and becomes profitable, it can be worth billions easily. I read that Kodak has huge number of photos. Maybe it can generate a lot of easy royalty revenue from these photos.

I bought mainly because of the low valuation and the sexy news. That’s a powerful combination. Millions of retail investors will rush in and push it up more.

Many SV startup has zero revenue and has a higher valuation than KODK.


Have you ever bought a photo?


What if they have a 60 year old photo for your family? Are you willing to pay $1 to retrieve?

Many photos can be licensed to websites, academic research, police investigation, political campaign etc.