How Is The Circus, Err, Hearing Going?


You are correct.

But the end result is confirmation, not the other way around. Confirmation is a result and opposition is a process. You can enjoy your process and the result is the result.

Kavanaugh was a virgin for many years. I don’t know why people and media don’t mention it much.


Jeez. Didn’t notice my sarcasm. I was saying don’t read something as bi-partisan when it’s not (a single vote doesn’t make something bipartisan)


Unless he is a woman, I would take what he said with a grain of salt.


It was under oath, there’s no point for him to lie. If any woman comes forward to claim her sex with Kavanaugh, Kavanaugh would be caught on lie.

I was waiting for a woman to come forward to refute his virgin claim. Because of none comes, now I believe him a little more. If he’s really a virgin for 20 or 30 years for religious reasons, it would be hard to believe the rape attempt.

I think his virgin claim is a worldwide challenge to prove his reputation. Why is there not a single woman to come forward? Why not even a fake claim to refute his virgin claim?


Not a strong one, just a baby one. The point is that there are some democrats who believe Kavanaugh is innocent. Manchin not only believes that, he even voted for him. There maybe other dem senators who believe Kavanaugh is innocent but vote no for fear of protesters or for the partisanship.

It’s not good to have one voice and silence others voice. Media coverage is biased. Some important info is not covered enough and some hearsay is covered a lot.

Media bias is the most important reason for the divisiveness.

Everyone should go vote this year. That’s your voice media can’t silence.

No On Prop 10.
Feinstein for Senator.
Cox for Governor.


Why should any of those names being interviewed? They talked to everyone that Ford and Ramirez said were witness to the alleged crime. When you’re investigating a potential crime, you talk to the people who were witnesses of it. What’s the point of talking to the other people? Also, for all we know the FBI already has interview notes from those people. They’ve done 6 background checks on him. This is starting to be like people crying that Obama was born in Kenya.


Oh, he Muslim, right???


Yeah, and jade helm is an excuse to use the military to take over states that didn’t vote for him.


Ford’s lawyers: we have evidence that proves she’s right.

Senate committee: let’s see the evidence then.

Ford’s lawyers: no you can’t see us but trust us it proves things.

If that doesn’t prove it’s nothing more than a political hit designed to delay and divide the public, then I’m not sure what would.


It looks like Ford’s lawyer is working against Ford’s best interest, by withholding information and stalling the investigation. Is Ford paying her lawyers or somebody else is?


That was asked. She’s not paying them. No matter who pays they are legally obligated to represent her best interests.

The fact she had no idea the committee offfered to have the hearing in California and be private means her lawyers are slime. If they didn’t tell her, they could be disbarred. If she can’t remember that, then that has its own set of problems.


There’s a sensitivity issue here. We can’t question her. But her lawyer and that former FBI agent can be questioned.

I think we’ll never hear from Dr Ford ever again. The hearing was done probably against her will and forced by her lawyer. Her lawyer deprived her the opportunity of private hearing.

Her lawyers are free of charge and they are Democratic Party activists. Her former FBI agent friend’s background is to be investigated.

I think more details will be revealed on the people who used Dr Ford for political gain.


Not if Kavanaugh sues to clear his name. In fact, if Kavanaugh doesn’t sue, I would think he actually did what’s accused. It is no longer Clarence Thomas’ time. Having this cloud hanging over a Supreme Court Justice’s head will undermine the legitimacy of the system. His ruling will always be inspected under a colored lens.


How can Kavanaugh sue? If it’s fake, it’s a crime and district attorney will sue. But how do you prove it’s fake? It might be hard to even sue Swetnick.

Since there is no specific time and place, it would be impossible to prove it did happen or not.

FBI may investigate a guy who admitted he was lying. But if he did not admit, there’s also no proof that he lied.

If there’s a very specific accusation with specific time, place, physical evidence or witness, it would be easier to prove it is true or false. A vague accusation from many years ago is impossible to prove or disprove.

For example, we can accuse every man, for example, you, that he exposed his private part to one female classmate without specific year, date or place decades ago. How do you prove it did not happen?

You can also accuse every woman that she stole another person’s pencil in 1980s, specific year/month/date unknown, place unknown, witnesses have no memory. How can she prove she is innocent? How can she sue you to clear her name?

We have to believe women and believe victims. Believe is not the same as proving what she said actually happened, it just means that we believe she is telling her version of truth honestly without any artificial fabrication. People can have perception or memory issues, you can’t sue a person who may honestly mistake you for someone else, or honestly misremembered a fact.


hard to sue someone have mental issue. unless she turned around and tell who’s behind it.


Did the English cave rescuer sue Musk? Musk accused him of a pedophile, so Musk will have to present evidence. If Musk couldn’t provide any evidence to support his accusation, he’s guilty.


You can’t sue a sex crime victim because she is a victim. Also her memory is her evidence.

Musk is not a victim. If Musk accused the diver of sexual harassment to Musk himself, the diver won’t be able to disprove because Musk’s own words is the evidence. And the diver would have zero evidence other than his words. So Musk and the diver would not be able to sue each other.


If that’s the conclusion after further investigation, that will at least give the country a closure.


Musk should take some notes here. :scream:


Without strong evidence, you won’t go to jail. Kavanaugh still got confirmed since the accusations can’t be coroborated. I think the reputation loss should be accepted as the cost of a political career. Many politicians have tons of accusations and they don’t get emotional about it. Kavanaugh does not have temperament to be an elected official for sure. Clinton has a few rape accusations, both Bill and Hillary are very comfortable in handling them. They won’t shed a tear or became angry at all. Same is Trump. Actually Trump has no rape accusations, but he has consensual porn star affairs.

Judges are like professors, weak. Kavanaugh should have calmly perform the hearing. He should not show any emotion. He should defend himself just like defending a client.