How Is The Circus, Err, Hearing Going?


Actually Trump was accused of rape by his ex-wife. He was also accused of raping a minor.


Wow. He for sure did not get angry at those accusations. If he got angry, I might have heard of those.

The ex-wife says that the rape accusation was just lawyer’s talk.

‘“That was all just the lawyers’ talk”, she said, after having previously clarified she did not accuse him in “a literal or criminal sense”. ’


It was just a game aiming on midterm. But the result may benefit GOP more. Media overplayed and backfired.

“The White House and outside allies came to see Senate Democrats’ shifting demands — from initially advocating for an FBI investigation into the charges, to criticizing the tight timeline once Republicans acquiesced to a probe, to finally dismissing it as a sham — as helping convince equivocal senators that no amount of due diligence was going to satisfy the judge’s critics.

Democrats dispute these characterizations, arguing the deck was stacked against conducting a thorough investigation. But Trump’s allies said the wall-to-wall media coverage of the original allegations and Democrats’ changing strategies, followed by the flood of articles concentrating on other uncorroborated charges and incorporating the judge’s alcohol drinking habits as a youth, helped delegitimize the more serious accusations.”



Ford’s lawyer chairs an organization funded by George Soros. The lawyer’s full time job is political activism, they don’t charge for political work

An organization for which Christine Blasey Ford’s attorney, Debra Katz, serves as vice chair receives funding from George Soros’s Open Society Foundation.


Maybe the Democratic Party wants to cool down on this? Overplayed too much?

Ford now wants Kavanaugh to be a Supreme Court Justice for good.

Is it a strategy to comfort GOP voters so they are not worried about a Kavanaugh impeachment? That way those GOP voters would stay home and forget about voting?

Hope this lawyer won’t get fired by Soros.

This CNN article almost feels like an apology from Dr Ford and her lawyer. Why dyes this come so soon? Is Soros angry at this saga hurting the midterm?



this new dude is not on the list. Hm… these witness can easily generated. media call them witness, but fbi consider them story listener from the accuser


This is a midterm prediction. Dr Ford hearing may have helped GOP who are short on campaign funding. Dem has an excess of cash and an excess of human energy for midterm, but working too hard sometimes backfires.


Exactly. Someone told about it 30+ years later isn’t a corroborating witness. They don’t even meet the standard for an outcry witness. Reporting that the FBI didn’t interview all potential witnesses is BS. It’s either intentionally misleading or ignorant journalism to not know what a witness is.

It’s clear they are trying to control the emotions of the public, and they are relying on the public being too dumb to realize the person isn’t a witness.


Many highly educated college graduates and even middle aged professionals are firmly believing in the media. Are they doing it for partisan reasons or do they really believe these “witnesses” are useful to prove Kavanaugh guilty because they Ford told me 30 years after the incident?

I think these “witnesses” might be useful to prove that Ford did not start the accusation after Kavanaugh’s nomination. But that’s very different from being a witness for the alleged crime.

Is it fair to say that everyone understands this but acts for political reasons? I’m too afraid to ask people of their real motivations. Those people appear to be way too smart to really think of those “witnesses” as real useful witness. Maybe they think they can repeat the media and make other dumb people to believe that? I think it’s hard to fool even a dumb person.


Will this conclusion become mainstream?

"I do not believe that Brett Kavanaugh was her assailant," the Maine Republican told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union” in an interview slated to air on Sunday. "I do believe that she was assaulted. I don’t know by whom. I’m not certain when."

“I found Dr. Ford’s testimony to be heart-wrenching, painful, compelling, and I believe that she believes what she testified to,” Collins said. “But we also had a case where Judge Kavanaugh came forward and said, ‘I’m 100 percent certain that this did not happen,’ so here you have two people who are each 100 percent certain of what they’re saying under pain of perjury. So then I had to look at the other evidence, and was there corroborating evidence, and that’s why I pushed hard for the FBI to do a supplemental background investigation.”


To impeach or not impeach?


I hope the Dems yell impeachment throughout the election and for Trump too… It will gaureentee a Republican win


Kavanagh went viral with a tweet saying “This is a terrible time to be named Brett Kavanagh,” which has been “liked” over one million times and retweeted more than 162,000 times.


Just tell the guy to not hold any kegger parties for young coeds…


This guys is a salesman. He may need to hire a few dozen assistants to handle all the calls.


No need to hire assistants. If I were him I’d spin it to a sales pitch; he might actually get some leads.


If he can tweet a message “Rent Control is Unconstitutional.” We can promise to make him to inherit dragonboy’s Fremont house


Gosh, speaking of that Fremont house, I really should raise the rent from $2200/mo…