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@manch doesn’t believe…

To replace the Jun puts, play a little safe,

Long 5 QQQ put(Sep30 $305) … if goes higher, will double

in addition to previous short position on SPY,

5 SPY put(Sep30 $400)
30 SPY put(Mar31 $285)
10 SPY put(Mar31 $360)

The rule of the game is long put upon rip, close put upon dip

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Perfect day today. Puts really printed which I’ve been buying on every rip last few days. Sold 75% of it and letting rest ride for now. Also, after selling majority of my crypto a week ago, all my BTC order at 30k triggered. Almost fully positioned in crypto except this one damn exchange that didn’t trigger. It’s crazy almost all crypto exchange went out of service but they mostly filled my GTC limit order. My stop loss on BTC is probably 28k though. It can go to 20k. :face_with_monocle:

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Don’t get trampled running for the exits. The 2% who control 95% of Bitcoin are laughing at you.

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Go up in stairs, go down in elevators.


You mean BIG DOWN day today with S&P down 0.29% and Naz down, err… 0.03%?


Enjoy the bearish diagonal :slight_smile: Many big downs and ups few more times before the crash. Btw, nobody says is end of day or open to open… don’t assume. Just big swings up and down. Look at the diagonal that Panda posted…

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 3.12.30 PM

Well eventually we will have a truly big down day, but it won’t happen on either last Monday or Tuesday. Pardon me to state the obvious but those two days are in the past.

I am hoping we will see Fear index get down to the 20s this week or next. Have something I want to buy.


Buying when there is blood (including your blood) in the street? You are talking like Cathie… putting up a brave face. Price target didn’t change, so now is 25-30% p.a. instead of 15% p.a. Did she say price target or price target & date target? If she didn’t say date target too… she is talking rock… try to fool an engineer? May can fool a SWE from Minnesota or SF.

Is big ups and big downs, you have problems reading charts?? Nobody say open to open or close to close, please don’t assume. The down down down is not here yet… estimated to be in mid Jun (recall I told you moons ago).

Every man and woman for themselves. You like to play day trading. That’s your game not mine. I like to buy secular growth names when there’s a lot of fear in the market. And according to that one indicator there is plenty of fear now. Including you and others on this forum.

I may well take a short term hit. I have said many times before. My timing sucks.



I am not afraid… you’re :slight_smile: The others, probably permabulls :slight_smile:

Permabulls like you fear a bear market.
Permabears fear a bull market.

Trade both bull and bear market, you won’t fear any market conditions.

Bull market - Long underlying, long calls

Bear market - Short underlying, long puts

Sideways market :slight_smile: Short calls vs stocks or short secured puts

Change strategy according to market conditions :slight_smile:

You need to modify above statement… not accurate.

I don’t like to day trade… again WRONG. I like to lollygagging and holding (forever) AAPLs. Just messing around with small sum of money is not like. I like to play mahjong :slight_smile: and chess :slight_smile: (don’t bother to play with me, you can’t win for sure… I mean chess not mahjong). If I truly into day trading, I won’t be posting now and then!!! Put on your thinking cap!!!

Thanks for interpretations of the Panda’s cryptic tweets @hanera !! It’s been very invaluable for me as I timed the crypto along with it. I bought more puts near close…after selling them in the morning. It’s STFR mode still so it’s been very methodical so far. Rinse and repeat until it doesn’t work anymore. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Actually I am still not sure wave (2) is where… not sure whether he meant fill the first gap down i.e. above wave (ii) or merely above wave (iv)… huge difference. Since the first gap down is not filled, I presume is the former… I would need to continue to monitor his cryptic tweets… Please take note, completion of wave (2) is what he claimed he would go ALL IN short. When he said all in short, I presume he meant day/swing trading because for MT/LT, should already be building position… I have been building…

Yep, I will never go all in short but id’ rather swing trade shorts as I think with so much BTFD mentality baked in, it will just zigzag down. It’s all good.

does crypto follow SPX EWT? I thought both are not correlated and now in deep red ETH :frowning:

I don’t think there’s a direct correlation but from what I can see, instability in SPX causes instability in crypto.


ok lesson learnt. I bought SPY put and bought ETH and seems like it’s a bad strategy. I was careful not to invest in stocks and have cash but I fooled myself by investing in ETH :grinning:


Well, as I mentioned before, crypto is hard, especially buying on the rip. You need to be able to exit out quickly because it can pull a rug on you quickly. If not, buy on the dip and HODL.

have 20 with 3500 avg…no more tendies…only HODL!

I think Ethereum can quickly hit 200d MA…maybe 1300-1500 range or it may just go up from here and stablize. Very hard to say but this correction or cycle is brutal. I plan to buy heavy around 1300 after exiting out most around 4100. This game is not easy for sure… :exploding_head:



Designed for millennials like you and @mcp who can stomach extreme volatility.

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