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I don’t have income from flipping, don’t intend to sell S&P/ AAPL/ rentals or re-balance stock portfolio. AAPL dividends + rents are directed towards buying SFHs for rent. Where do I get funds to buy TQQQ? I am thinking of using a little margin off AAPL holdings. So I need to be careful, if in doubt, do nothing. I am not changing my carefully thought out strategy of asset allocation/ strategic investment approach, just want to do a little “gambling”. That is, I can read, watch, blog and debate but don’t have to act.

It is not about income or investing money. Even if you have 1M extra cash, you are looking answer from outside world for your purchase.

You want confirmation from Jim Cramer, Cathie wood or Puru or Mark Minervini. This shows you do not have confidence to pull yourself.

When you buy AAPL, do you expect an answer from outside from Jim Cramer, Cathie wood or Puru or Mark Minervini? No, right as you closely watch AAPL price and you know what is deep discount price.

You have to have similar confidence, with the market or indexes, on your own. This is not for you alone, for everyone.

Unless investor believe his/her own decision, there is no way to grow money other than random luck.

BTW: I do not want to update any more today. I stop.

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I want to ‘gamble’ not invest so need plenty of luck. Not obvious? After so many years of interaction?

My asset allocation/ strategic investment strategy is…

I am too lazy to follow macro news in detail. Easier to read their opinions. That is, instead of spending 24hrs to read, only need few minutes to watch and listen. Guess we have different personality, I like to listen to other’s opinions. I don’t use a judge’s perspective or assess the benefits I can get.

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Bought 1st tranche: 500 TQQQ


QQQ might have bottomed.

Conservative conditions for confirmation would take awhile. So, slowly scale in.
Can’t be aggressive here… Mar also looked like a bottom but no confirmation… RSI didn’t cross above 50, MACD didn’t cross above signal and price dropped back below the cloud and 52-week EMA.


Leaders need to emerge for the market to recover. That’s always the key. The leaders will have much bigger gains than the overall market.

Volcker’s bear market’s decline was erased 4 months from Fed U-turn. Could same happen to the bear market started from Nov 2021 (Feb 2021 for high growth stocks)? That is, new ATH for S&P before end of 2022. Assuming that Jul Fed mtg is a Fed U-Turn.

This Elliottician has a bearish count. Bold call. Is he right or Tom Lee is right? Ofc, we don’t want to know that at the end of the year. We want to know asap.

Daily chart of QQQ.
Only bearish indicator is daily RSI is overbought.
Cloud bullish. Price above cloud.
ADX bullish. ADX up trending while DI+ is above DI-.
MACD bullish. MACD above signal and above zero.

Price action:
Above $330 = ecstatic
Below $308 = worried

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Permabull Face Ripper is uber bullish.

Target for S&P is 4800-5100.